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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rumor Mill: Bow Wow Fired?! Naah... Satirical Story of Bow Wow Being Fired from BET Causes a Stir on the Internet.

According to the satirical blog Cream BMP Daily, Rapper/106&Park Host Shad "Bow Wow" Moss was fired from his hosting duties for misappropriation of company funds. They claimed that Bow Wow had used the company credit card that was issued to him for wardrobe and traveling expenses to pay for his back child support. Allegedly he owed $30,000 in back child support.

When I first read the article I knew it was fake. There would be no reason for him to use the company card to pay his child support. Bow Wow's salary at BET is more than enough to be able to take care of his 2 year old daughter Shai Moss (she'll be 3 in March). Reportedly Bow Wow makes more than $1,000,000 from his cushy hosting gig from BET. decided to ask Bow Wow about the rumors via twitter. Here's his response:
"@HipHopture: @YMCMB_BW clear it for fans bro !! Clear what? That ill see yall at 6pm tomorrow live on TV like i do err day whats changed?" he tweeted on Wednesday, Jan. 22.
In typical arrogant fashion Bow Wow answers the question of his "firing" and adds more about his Ebony Magazine photoshoot.
"At @106andpark early doing my @EBONYMag photo shoot."

Bow has been in the news for a while. In regards to his child support that he owed almost 2 years ago, he claimed he only made $4,000 a month from YMCMB at the time and was unable to pay the money he owed. Then he got the call to host 106&Park. Bow Wow was rumored to receive only $200,000 in his contract with BET during the 4-Host concept. It was rumored he was hard to work with and therefore received the small payout to save face for BET in case they had to let him go. But eventually Mr. Moss' luck began to pick up and he was the standout host on the show being that he is "Mr. 106&Park". Even after the 4-Host concept was scrapped mid-season he stayed to host with many guest spots until a new permanent female co-host was found.

Then Bow Wow was used to catfish a young lady who had been one of his biggest fans since his career began. In the episode of Catfish the TV Show in 2013 his name and pictures were used to lure a young girl into a relationship with a gay female. The story made national news and dominated social media for weeks. Bow Wow even went to to respond how felt about someone using his name and pictures to online date. At first he was flattered but then it went into a tired rant about his eyes, tatts, and other crap that no one cared about. He then invited the gay female and the young lady who was catfished to BET's 106&Park to discuss the show and to give the young lady (who was heartbroken to find out it wasn't really him) a chance to meet her favorite rapper in person. For real this time LOL.

These satirical articles pop up all the time and they are usually put up for laughs to poke fun at the celebrities real lives. However he cleared it up and thats that. Bow Wow stayed at 106&Park even after the 4 host concept had ended. So I knew he was a commodity to BET and he's paid well for it. He couldn't have been having issues with child support now that his income has increased. And I was right cause he's worth an estimated $15 Million dollars, according to therichest.

Anyways Rumor Controlled!

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