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Monday, January 13, 2014

Cheapskate to the Extreme! OMG! You Will Not Believe What This Woman Does to Her Boyfriend! Absolute Craziness!!!!

Have you guys seen the show Extreme Cheapskates on TLC? It's crazy to me how insane these people are about their money and tight they are. I'm just floored. This woman uses one light bulb in her whole house! When cooks for herself, her man and her kids she put the unused sauce back in the jar and continues to use it. She reuses pasta water every time she cooks until feels it's necessary to change it. She forces her man to take what she calls "Navy Showers". It just goes on and on. I'm so #Done. Just take a look for yourself and you tell me.

I'm all for being frugal, recycling, and reusing. But this is a bit much. This woman has baby monitors in the bathroom to test how long people shower. She cooked the food for her boyfriends party in a dishwasher and served it to the guests. They had to use candles just to go to the bathroom. Her house has virtually no furniture, I'm guessing she got cheap lawn furniture from the store or the a goodwill/second hand store. She even peels bananas and plucks the grapes off the vines at the grocery store places the fruit in bags and then purchases it.

She's borderline unsanitary, no I take that back she IS unsanitary. The food is contaminated once it leaves that bottle and hits a plate. You've got saliva, germs and you're putting all of that into that bottle of pasta sauce, ranch, and or whatever. You can get sick like that. This woman has a great job and makes decent money so I don't understand why she is penny pitching so. Money is made to ensure you are able to survive and it can help provide you with some luxuries. When you die you can not take it with you. It will be here to line somebody elses pocket. So while you're doing all this crazy stuff to penny pinch, you're really doing all this work for no pay off other than looking at your account with a few extra zeros. I'm all for saving for a rainy day but this is ridiculous and uncalled for. If I was this woman's boyfriend I would leave until she goes to therapy to understand why she is the way she is. There is a deep seated psychological reason. Probably she came from poverty herself or she has a phobia of being poor or poverty stricken. Either way it is very much crippling her boyfriend and her children from having a normal life.

I don't think I could imagine living there in that house like that. It would be the most annoying and frustrating thing EVER. I would have an attitude all the time!

Source: WorldStarHipHop