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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Kellen? Kellen Winslow, Jr was Busted for Having a Little Playtime with Himself!

In the Words of Sweet Brown: "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That"

Kellen Winslow, Jr has been caught RED HANDED! Alright here's the story, Kellen was looking for a Boston Market. He got lost and pulled over in a parking lot of Target. A woman pulled in next to him and saw him in his Cadillac truck and decided to make small talk with him. BIG MISTAKE! When she walked up to his window the woman was shocked to see his erect penis. The 58-year old woman called the police and reported a man publicly masturbating. The police arrived and placed Kellen under arrest. He was not charged with the public masturbation. Kellen was arrested for the possession of synthetic marijuana called "Mr. Happy" which he admitted to smoking because it helps him relax.

Here's a detailed account of Kellen's Run-in with the police:
The 30-year-old former Pro Bowler was arrested on November 19th … after cops in New Jersey received a tip about a man in a Target parking lot “pleasuring himself” in his vehicle.
According to the report, a 58-year-old white lady had pulled up next to Kellen’s Cadillac Escalade around 5:30pm and noticed Kellen sitting in the driver’s seat with the window open.
The woman says she tried to make small talk about the weather (it was really cold) and that’s when she saw his erect penis … and called the cops.
When cops arrived to the scene, they reportedly found two open containers of vaseline in the car … along with synthetic marijuana labelled “Mr. Happy” — and Kellen admitted he smokes the stuff to help him relax.
Cops asked Kellen what he was doing in the parking lot and he said he was looking for a Boston Market but got lost. Cops note that K’s penis was not exposed when they arrived.
Kellen was eventually arrested and hauled to a nearby station.
Winslow Jr. was never charged with anything related to alleged public masturbating — but he was hit with drug charges for the synthetic weed … and last week, pleaded not guilty.
Once the news hit about Kellen's alleged car cap off LOL. His rep responded with this statement:
“Kellen pulled over to a parking lot to smoke what he thought at the time was a legal substance. He changed his clothes in his vehicle as to not smell like smoke when he returned home.”
The rep continued, “There was absolutely nothing inappropriate that took place and if there was police would have investigated further and charged Kellen which they did not. This will be the only time we will comment on this unfounded and ridiculous claim.”

I'm laughing at this whole story! I can't believe a man like Kellen Winslow, Jr was caught red-handed like this LOL! Okay enough of the funny business here's the deal. Guys and girls do this all the time. Usually in the comfort of their own homes. But never the less they do it all the time. It's completely healthy!

But to do it in a public place like the Target parking lot is a different story. I think the lady knows the difference between changing clothes and an erect penis. I don't know if he did it or not. I hope not. I'm hoping he was just changing his clothes. But why change your clothes in your car? Why didn't you get out and go in the bathroom at Target, change your clothes, handle your business *wink* in the bathroom and then leave? No one would know and you wouldn't be on TMZ.

This is embarrassing for Kellen Winslow, Jr. I hope that he can move on from this. Go JETS! LOL

Source: LoveBScott & TMZ