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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guess Which Love and Hip Hop New York Star Has Some Alleged Leaked Pics? You'll Never Guess Who it IS?


Apparently yesterday there was a photo floating around twitter that was allegedly Mister Joe Budden Himself. However the face of the person is completely blocked out and it is difficult to tell if it is actually him or not.

Look Below *Warning Photo is Graphic Please Be Advised* 
Photo via BackOntheBlog/Photo Modified By PsychDesignTV
Joe Budden completely denies that this picture is him but I don't know. I saw some pics on the net and well they look similar. I'm not gonna say its him I'm just gonna say its possible.

Here's a comparative picture. I'm not gonna say one way or the other but I can say it does look a lot like him. On the right is Joe Budden for sure and the picture on the left is the alleged leaked picture of Joe Budden. Judge for yourself. I'm leaving it at that. Uncensored Photo

Source: BackOnTheBlog