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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Magazine Love: Mindy Kaling is on the Cover of ELLE Magazine and I Think She Looks Absolutely GORGEOUS!

ELLE Magazine's women of TV issue is so COOL! But the best part is Mindy Kaling being on the cover! Aside from being one of the funniest gals on tv, she is absolutely gorgeous and I love her show the Mindy Project on FOX. Its funny, different, and so relatable its almost scary.

But recently the cover has been under fire since its debut. This months issue of ELLE Magazine has 4 different covers, all with the leading ladies of tv. Amy Poehler of Parks and Recreation on NBC, Zoe Deschanel of New Girl on FOX (One of my fave shows! Love it!), Mindy Kaling of the Mindy Project on FOX (Another Fave, So Freaking Funny!), and Allison Williams of HBOs Girls. Now out of all the covers Mindy's is the only one that doesn't show most of her body and its not in color. Everyone else's cover is at least the majority of the body and in full color HD! Check it out below:

I can see how people could be upset or make a stinker out of the magazines but I don't think this was done on purpose. I think that out of all 4 magazine covers, Mindys is the best. Her magazine cover is high fashion, its regal, elegant, and sophisticated. Her face is beautiful and I think a close up on her was an awesome idea for her magazine. Seriously even Mindy is proud of her cover and having a good laugh with all the publicity and outrage. 

Here's what she said via her twitter.

So there you have it! If the cover model isn't mad then why should you. They made her look like a professional model and she has the BEST cover of the 4. So why not be happy about that instead of spewing ignorance and insecurity. Just be happy that smart, intelligent and funny women are taking over TV! You don't see men arguing about why Ryan Gosling got a full body cover in GQ and George Clooney didn't. #Imjussaying. Pull it together ladies!

Congrats Mindy Kaling, Zoe Deschanel, Amy Poehler, and Allison Williams for having your own cover and making the Elle Women of TV Issue an interesting read!

Check out their covers:

Source: HuffingtonpostElle