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Thursday, February 6, 2014

So Sad...Parents of the Late Teen Kendrick Johnson Have Sued the Funeral Home Handling Their Sons Body

Kendrick Johnson was the young boy who was found dead at his school rolled up in a gym mat last year. The young man died last year and was ruled a freak accident by Detectives. They claimed they young man got stuck upside down in the mat reaching for a gym shoe. The family of Kendrick don't believe in the accident theory and they had his body exhumed for a second autopsy last year. They believe he was murdered and want to ensure that his murderer is captured.

After the young mans body was exhumed the private pathologist that the family had hired found that boys internal organs had all been removed and replaced with newspaper! The funeral home handling his body replaced his organs with newspaper unbeknownst to the family. When they found out they were outraged (as they should have been). No one knows what happened to Johnson's organs. According to the medical examiner Bill Watson the internal organs were too badly decomposed to preserve so they were deposed of immediately after the autopsy. The medical examiner concluded that Kendrick Johnson died from positional asphyxia. Positional Asphyxia is when the body is stuck in a position preventing breathing. The private pathologist findings were very different. He found that Johnson had died form a blow to the back of the neck determining his death non-accidental.

Attorneys for the family are accusing Harrington Funeral Home of fraud, negligence and intentional mishandling of a corpse. They filed suit on Jan. 31 in Lowndes County State Court. They are seeking compensation and punitive damages. The U.S. attorney for middle Georgia, Michael Moore has opened an investigation with the help of the FBI and currently their findings have not be made public. One can only assume they are still investigating.

SMDH this is sad but it brings in series of questions:

  • Why did the Detectives right off this young man's death as an "freak accident"? I'm sure its plausible but shouldn't they have considered all avenues including murder? 
  • Why did the funeral home dispose of his internal organs without informing the family? Shouldn't it be procedure to inform them of anything outside of a normal autopsy? 
  • Why did they use newspaper to stuff his body cavity?
  • How long was his body wrapped in that mat? Weeks, months,?
  • How did the mat end up, upside down? 
  • He was found in his high school so why didn't anyone notice he was missing?
  • How was this determined a "freak accident"? 
  • How did he end up in that position?
  • According to the hired pathologist he died of a blow to the back of the head. But the original medical examiner's report claims he died of positional asphyxia. Why are there conflicting reports? Why are 2 different medical examiners having different findings, VASTLY different findings? 
  • What exactly happened to Kendrick? And lastly, why did someone kill Kendrick (if that is what happened)? 

These are all questions that have popped into my head and I just don't understand how this kids death is being mishandled like this. His family is diligent in making sure that this young mans death is investigated, thoroughly. I'm floored at the murders that are happening in this country. Young black men are being murdered all over the country but more so in Florida, Georgia, and other southern states. I am shocked at the things that are occurring in this world. I hope that the justice is better to this family than they were to Trayvon Martin's family.

I will keep you all posted on this story. I'm just so shocked at the staggering murders of young black men. Theses guys are kids and they are dying at alarming rates. I saw another story with a kid as young as 13 years old being shot dead for reasons unknown. I pray that this story is resolved accordingly.

Source: Huffingtonpost