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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Have You Heard? The Satirical Story about Blake Griffin Knocking out Justin Bieber? HA HA! I Can't Help But Laugh!!!!!!!

LOL this story had me cracking up when I first heard it. This made my freaking day! Here's how the satirical story went:
Justin Bieber was at a Starbucks in LA. He went to the counter and ordered a Caramel Apple Machiatto. But the barista refused to serve him. He was refused because he didn't have on a shirt and his pants were sagging showing his underwear. His attire violated company policy and was refused service unless he dressed appropriately. Justin went ballistic. Berating the barista and threatening to have him beaten up by his bodyguard. Blake Griffin over heard the altercation and stepped in on the barista's behalf. Blake and Justin had a few words going back and forth, Blake was pushed and Blake responded by slapping Justin to the floor. According to a witness Blake Griffin slapped the shit out of Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber ended up stumbling out of the Starbucks appearing to be crying. Police were called but Justin Bieber was gone before the Police arrived.

Blake Griffin and Justin Bieber have denied the rumors and it is an internet hoax. Just like the satirical story of Michael Jordan being robbed in Chicago at a signing or the stories about Sinbad and Jackie Chan being dead. Same thing.

This is the funniest satirical story I have ever read.  I SOOOOOOOOOO wish it was true. But real talk how could Blake Griffin get so close that he could slap Justin Bieber without the boys security intervening? They would have taken Blake Griffin down! Either way, Justin Bieber needs to be slapped. He has a sense of entitlement that was given to him by the people who surround him. Ever since he broke up with Selena Gomez he's been spiraling downhill. He's been doing some of the stupidest things that risk his career and freedom. The fact that Blake Griffin was dragged into the story is what made it so funny. I'm sorry but I would pay money to see that ish. Real Talk.

Look, Justin Bieber has been the butt of everybodys joke for a while now. He's not taking responsibility for this actions and it appears that he thinks he can do what he wants whenever he wants. And in terms of the court celebrities can do what they want when they want. They spend money for the best attorney's and commit extremely dangerous crimes yet get nothing but a slap on the wrist. But if a civilian was to commit these same crimes they would crack the whip and force them to pay their debt to society.

This story is hilarious but the serious undertone is Justin Bieber needs to pull his self together. Its time out for the bull.  Cause this right here could really happen. But instead of it being Blake Griffin it might be a crazed fan or a hater. Pull it together Justin, cause if you're not careful you will be the next Lindsay Lohan. Washed, an addict, and troubled beyond relief.

Source: ruckusbucket & AmericanLiveWire