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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Update: Whoooo Drama Drama! BET Fires All Four New Hosts! BET Confirms!

BET Has Confirmed This!!!!!!

BET has sunken to all time new LOW! They have recently let go of all their hosts on 106&Park. A show that is the last of its kind and probably never be another like it. I was a kid when 106&Park first started coming on. It was competing with FUSE Top 20 and the worlds #1 Video music show TRL (Total Request Live) hosted by Carson Daly. However the show got built up because of its awesome hosts Aj and Free. Everybody and I mean everybody loved Aj and Free. Free had a suave new york swag, her fashion sense was on point (she always had on the hottest shoes), with her trendsetting afro and Aj was very cool laid back, kind of bohemian vibe going on; with the long flowing dreadlocks. They talked to the hottest artists and were just all around cool people to watch. Then after they both left in 2005, I was upset. I really thought they would stay for a while before they left. To me 5 years wasn't enough! I don't remember a farewell episode for them. I remember hearing rumors about their departure and then all of a sudden Julissa and Tigger were hosting. Didn't like that at all.

Fast forward almost 10 years and now they are circulating rumors of ending the new hosts run. They set up 106&Park to be a new brand. All new hosts and entirely new concept. They are following in the steps Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood. Providing the masses with an abundance of entertainment including interviews, talk segments, social media interaction, and more.

Well within recent weeks or rather months, 106&Park has been going really RATCHET and fans of the show are not happy. Let me break it down:

1st Sign of Trouble - Some of the segments flop. Case in Point: The Miss Mykie Report. Miss Mykie is supposed to have a segment on 106&Park that discusses the latest issues and topics related to Hip Hop. According to, the segment failed to impress. Miss Mykie seemed to be lacking information and her interviewing skills need major work. Because Miss Mykie's background lacks those skills she should've been the last one interview or discuss anything without proper preparation. In any situation that requires a Q&A you need to be divulged in your topic. In order to have as much background on each topic, you need to study. Immerse yourself in the topics, formulate your opinion after the facts are given and then discuss the topic with your peers. Its painfully obvious Miss Mykie didn't do that.

2nd Sign of Trouble - The Hosts are GONE! Paigion and Shorty da Prince have not been on the show for a solid week. Fortunately this is not a bad sign because BET has a GET SCHOOLED campaign that they are promoting and Paigion and Shorty were apart of the promotional deal. Ms. Mykie may be on vacation (I'm just speculating) if not its unknown to the public at this moment where she is or if she's coming back. To keep the show moving BET decided to have some "celebrity" guest co-hosts and those women were all exes of Mr. 106&Park himself Bow Wow, exes that included Draya & Angela Simmons just to name a few. How tre' chic of BET LMAO!

Draya & Bow Wow Hosting 106 and Park
3rd Sign of Trouble - There's no explanations?! About the hosts whereabouts. Even when Rocsi and Terrence were on vacation or took small breaks the audience was informed before the absence and during the absence. No one explained anything according Hot107.5. That's really unprofessional and a slap in the audiences face.

Meanwhile all of this is going the CEO of BET is tweeting about partying in Miami. While one of your flagship shows is basically going down the toilet. Slowly but surely.

Well the fans are outraged they took the social media to voice their disdain with the poor choice of celebrity guest hosts and the show in general.

I stopped watching 106&Park a long time ago and it wasn't because it wasn't a good show I just out grew it. It was time to shake up the show and they had a good concept. But the corny segments between segments and the nonchalant conduction of segments is ridiculous. Pull yourself together BET. Its time for you revamp your style. Your busy trying to keep up that your losing what you stood for in the beginning. Black Entertainment! Sometimes BET is embarrassing, like when the had their award show after Michael Jackson died and it was so ratchet and disheveled. That man deserved better. Personally I thought adding the little tributes by the stars between each segment was a nice touch but the performances added was too much. It need to be simple montage, the tributes and that's it!

Listen BET you need to give all the hosts another chance. Put the right people on the right segments and you can't go wrong. If you want to voice your opinion directly to the executive producers of 106&Park then click here!

What do you guys think? Tell me you opinions below!


Its OFFICIAL Paigion, Shorty Da Prince and Miss Mykie are GONE! BET released a statement early yesterday about hosts firing and gave the "Best of Luck on your Future Endeavors" speech. Its sad. I hope that it works out for those guys. But you'll never guess who's replacing them, Angela Simmons! Yes! She's their replacement or rather who they are considering to replace them. I guess they are going to their original format. 2 hosts of the opposite sex constantly hinting around the fact that they are together. Really attractive BET, really attractive!

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