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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kenya Moore Shooting Back by Slapping Her Landlord with a Counter-Lawsuit!

Well Kenya has never been one to just take a cheap shot. So in the words of Tank (if you don't know he is an R&B singer and accomplished songwriter/producer) "Shots FIRED!"

Kenya is talking and she claims that the landlord of her million dollar, rented home is lying about her rent troubles. She is counter suing the woman for wrongful eviction, slander and emotional distress. Kenya claimed the FBI was involved by the landlord! She jokingly made this claim during one of her tweeter rants:
“An intricate plot she sent Feds 2 my spot, b*tch said I ain’t pay her, d*mn how she gonna stick me for my paper?! Biggie said it best LOL,” wrote Moore.

Hmm I didn't know the FBI got involved in civil disputes! Anyway she also alleges that the landlord enters her residence constantly without probable cause or permission. Kenya explains that the landlord is just using this to get money, fame, and damage her reputation. Well unfortunately everything will have to play out in court. I hope this isn't true. With all the money Bravo pays her and probably will end up paying her its sad to see something this trivial, become a serious problem for her.

Not to compare housewives or rather non-housewives. I remember when Kim had a similar house situation. She and her landlord had a dispute and she was ultimately she was evicted from the property. This did look bad on Kim's part but she eventually bounced back and was to find an even more fabulous than the one she had. Hopefully instead of staying in the house, Kenya will relocate and find something just as equally beautiful.

Now I'm not hating but Kenya mentioned nothing about the neighbors complaints in this alleged response. Now if the landlord has proof of Kenya's financial miss-step and her behavior in her Atlanta neighborhood (the homes outside appearance, loud nuances, etc). Then Kenya will probably be as silent as she was when Porsha read her for filth at the reunion. If the neighbors began to talk beyond what they've said then this could really ugly really quickly. #imjussayin.

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