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Friday, June 7, 2013

50 Cent Signing Up for Reality TV??? Believe ME Its Not What You Think.....

Well everyone 50 Cent has joined the ranks of countless celebrities who have ventured into reality TV.  But its not the way you think. Top chef Jamie Oliver has created a reality TV show called "Dream School". This show is about college dropouts who have attempt to earn a diploma or trade. In school these kids were the rejects, the less gifted by societies standards and Jamie Oliver has set out to change those kids minds and put them on the right path to success. So how does 50 Cent fit in this wonderful show? Well he's a teacher! Jamie Oliver's show "Dream School" uses people from all professions: Musicians, Politicians, Actors, Filmmakers, Artists, etc as teachers to mentor the students. These "teachers" help the kids with their chosen profession, their self-esteem and their overall outlook on life.

Jamie Oliver's "Dream School" was and is successful over in Britain and he decided to bring his hit and brilliant show the United States. He says "We literally changed the lives of many of the kids for the better. Some of them found out that despite being told that they would never achieve anything, they were actually very gifted at art or acting and went on to a achieve great things."

50 Cent is going to appear on the program as a teacher and be an executive producer of the show with his company G-Unit Films and Television banner.

Jamie Oliver's "Dream School" is set to premiere on the Sundance Channel later this year.

Seems like a cool idea. It kind of reminds you of Oprah's Master Class but on hyper drive. I love the idea and I really hope it pans out! So Congrats 50 Cent and Jamie Oliver.