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Friday, June 7, 2013

Cheerios Recent Ad Content has caused Major Conflict!

Recently Cheerios released a new commercial reflecting a interracial family. Apparently the internet erupted by people placing horrid comments on the ad. It was so bad that Cheerios was forced to remove the comments section from the ad.

Personally I loved the commercial the girl was cute and funny. The mom and dad were typical parents. It was the cutest commercial I'd ever since. Nothing about that commercial was wrong. Interracial couples and children are a major part of this country, this world. Interracial marriages and relationships are apart of the norm. I see nothing wrong with it and those bigots that do have a problem with it need to go back in history for awhile.

Matter of factlet's take a trip back. During the time of slavery and segregation. White men had no problem having sex with black women, i.e. Thomas Jefferson, and plenty of other slave owners and oppressors during those times. White women were just as bad. So just because it was on the D.L. for a awhile doesn't mean it didn't happen. Oh and black people y'all not off the hook either. Black people always assume that racism had one sided when it's not. A black woman can't stand to  see a brother with a white woman. And brothers can't stand to see a sister with a white man. This is not a well kept secret. Check YouTube there are plenty of videos of people voicing their opinions about interracial relationships and how they hate it when people "mix", whatever the hell that means.

Real talk it all needs to stop. Attraction does not have a gender or color. Your attracted to who your attracted to. Point, blank, period. There is no go between. Just let people be. Cheerios you represented well in this commercial. You keep on with the great commercials. I support you and I appreciate your brutal honesty.

Sorry I had to rant on this on one. But when I heard about this it pissedme off !
Get it Together, People!