Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kim and Kanye Have Finally Had the Baby and Her Name is....

Kim finally had her baby a couple days ago and I'm so glad she was born a happy, healthy little girl. Reportedly Kanye does not want any pictures of the child leaked and will not let anyone sell the pictures. I say Good for You Kanye! Assert yourself!

Every child deserves a fresh start and I believe that what he's giving his little girl. I don't think anything is wrong Kanye. He's still reeling from the loss of his mother and the subject is raw. He really needs to take the necessary steps to deal with that grief so it does not cripple him or his career. His relationship with his daughter is the most important thing right now and it should be #1, no exceptions. Kim's gonna have to relax on the camera time and the paparazzi. She lives her life in the lime light it doesn't mean the little one has to. Kanye stay strong on this one I think this is the best thing for your daughter. Don't let anyone steer you wrong. Kim I think what Kanye is saying is the best thing for your daughter. Let her decide when she's old enough what she wants to do with her life, don't make her start off this way its too much.

Kanye and Kim Congrats and I hope everything goes well with your new adventure...Fatherhood and Motherhood! Happy Father's Day Mr. West! Best Gift any Dad can receive!

Update: The little girls name is North West. Her name is cute. She's a little celebrity so a unique name is warranted.

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