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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rumor Controlled! Foxy Brown Puts the Rumors to Bed!

Previously I discussed an alleged letter that was supposedly written by Foxy Brown about her relationship with Jay-Z, some for their sexual trysts, and her feelings of Beyonce. In a interview with Combat Jack she discussed her on going struggle with her skin color and the rumor that has had the Internet Foxy says this rumor is a complete lie. She says that the first thing Jay-Z did when he became the President of Def Jam was reach out and sign her as an artist. She says she encourages young boys to read his book Decoded and she really couldn't understand where the rumor came. She adamantly maintains the position that she did not say those things about Jay-Z.
I'm paraphrasing but here's what she said:
“I stood up for him and Bey because I love both of them. That took me back. I was ready to lace my Timbs up and go back to old Inga because it was so disrespectful. The slander. It was disrespectful to me and all of the people who have done things for me. Do you understand I can hear now because of Jay-Z? [cries]” 
“….People believed something that wasn’t even a story, it never was said. It’s not about immortalizing Jay, it’s about me having a reputation. I’m always coy about my personal life. There was no story, no audio, no interview….just someone maybe in Milwaukee somewhere just made up some story. When a story is saying YOU said someone is a controversial and someone gave you Herpes…when you’re insulting people’s families that’s a different level. Jay-Z is someone who I love and respect dearly and he’s always been nothing but great to me and my family period. Beyonce has been nothing but classy and sweet and loving and respectful to me. Those are my friends. They were disrespected. I was disrespected.” 
“I come from a time of real journalism and now, this new day in age someone can just sit behind a computer and say whatever. Even the tone of the article was so ill-written. The words and grammar used, it’s not even me. My mom is an educator. And anyone who knows me knew immediately I don’t speak like that. And all these little hip hop sites just ran with it…”- See more at:
Her interview also included her emotional struggle with her skin color. She says that for awhile she was very insecure about her skin color. She discussed this insecurity with her friend Lauryn Hill. Who embraced her skin color early on in her career. She says as a dark woman she envied light skinned women for a long time. She was the darkest person in her family besides her father and it made her feel kind of left out. Like she wasn't good enough. But since then she's learned to embrace her natural beauty and live life as a strong confident dark skinned woman.

They of course mentioned her friendship with Nicki Minaj. She explained how she tells Nicki the times that she and Lil Kim were coming into the game were different. She says that Nicki doesn't need to be overly sexualized to get her message across. She's says that she's told Nicki that shes amazing and talented and she doesn't have to do all of that.

To hear the whole interview listen here:

What Do I Think?

I was informed that this was a rumor and not a true quote from Foxy Brown. If you don't know what was rumored to be said by her about Jay-Z and their relationship read my previous blog click here

Like I said in my previous blog I didn't believe the rumor at all. It was just out of the blue. Anyway, I'm glad she spoke up about it and is letting people know about herself on a more personal level. I miss Foxy Brown. She was one of my favorite female rappers. She is pretty, smart, and can out rap most of the male and female rappers out now. I hope she can return to the game soon. I love Nicki Minaj, but I miss hardcore female rappers. Foxy being one of them. As far as her friendship with Nicki Minaj I see that she was trying to school Nicki in a good way. She wants her to shine through her talent not her body and that is a real woman right there trying to help you. I like that. She also discussed her body image issues with her skin color. I would have never known. I always thought she was so confident in herself. She explained how she discussed this topic with her Lauryn Hill. I actually embraced my brown skin because of women like Lauryn Hill and Foxy Brown. They are beautiful women and I wished my skin tone was that deep and smooth. Honestly! I hope by using this outlet to straighten some things out between her fans and by killing some rumors she really does come back on the scene. 

Good luck to you Foxy Brown and I hope to see you on the Charts SOON!