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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NeNe Leakes to Judge the 62nd Annual Miss USA Pageant.

Well Miss NeNe's show may have gotten cancelled but her train is still rolling in Hollywood. NeNe announced via Twitter that she will be one of the judges on the 62nd Annual Miss USA Pageant. She tweeted: 

Congrats to NeNe Leakes but I have just one question....No disrespect to NeNe Leakes I love NeNe but you bypass a former Miss USA Kenya Moore and decide to use NeNe as a judge for the Miss USA Pageant.

Don't get me wrong I'm no lover of Kenya. But on the flipside of that she would have been the best choice in my eyes judge the pageant. Clearly she knows what it takes to win the pageant and because she's been there she knows what these women are going through. I believe she would've been able to provide thorough criticism. I know what most of you are saying reading this. Its either one of 2 things: I wouldn't have chosen either one of them or Did you see RHOA? Did you see how Kenya judged the JET magazine newbies?

To answer those questions: Yes I saw RHOA. And Yes I saw how she judged the potential models. Honestly let me explain before you cut my head off LMAO. I believe whole heartedly that Kenya was playing a role. I think she's a smart woman. Your only worth anything in reality TV unless your a villain or a good guy who stands up to the villain. So studying many reality shows that were on including RHOA she probably came to the conclusion that OK I need to make myself worth something on this show. A hot commodity. Now people will tune into RHOA and see what her next antics are. Great strategy for her. I CHOOSE to believe that she is really not like that. 

You would have to be crazy to think that she wouldn't be a good judge for the Miss USA pageant. #imjussaying. 

Well I guess the Donald wanted a more diverse panel for the judging. They have other celebrities on the show as well popular fashion designer Betsey Johnson and Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser - Check out's article they hint at Kenya's feelings about NeNe judging the pageant but they  don't go into detail about it. 

Congrats NeNe your coming up in the world!