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Friday, June 28, 2013

In Cheater News: Kirk the Jerk Explains All...Personally I Don't Give A Damn, But I'm a Tell It Anyway

Its no secret that Kirk has been acting like a total JERK toward his pregnant wife Rasheeda and unborn child. Now honestly I'm not a big fan of Rasheeda's but she is a real chick and real recognize real. And in this case I would be a damn fool to side with Kirk. But I'm a break it down for those who are unclear why everyone has been raging against Kirk in this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Since the beginning of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta they have not been the perfect couple. In the 1st Season everyone sided with Kirk. Rasheeda was being completely unreasonable with Kirk as her manager. She completely disrespected him by going behind his back and seeking management somewhere else. And on top of all of that she neglected him to focus on what she called her rising career. Personally I thought she was being selfish spoiled and ignorant. She wanted this independent label career and she got it but what was unhappy with the result. Rasheeda wasn't willing to work with Kirk, she expected everything to be completed the way she wanted by Kirk without her being involved behind the scenes. But anyway the problem got resolved and everything was fine or so people thought.

Season 2 begins and I admit I missed many of the episodes but the jest of the situation is Rasheeda is pregnant and the way she told him to me was crazy. She tells she's pregnant like it's a burden and something she didn't want. Which I'm sure in her eyes it was. Her career was beginning to move again and they were making moves in her favor. But none the less she is pregnant. And instead of Kirk consoling his wife and being there for her. You know like saying something along the lines of "Baby I know its something you didn't want right now, but its okay we gone work through it let's try and focus on what we can while your pregnant and put a few other things on hold until you give birth." But Kirk just went off like Rasheeda got pregnant on her own. Telling her to get an abortion and being really just flat out evil towards her. She was holding her own though but it was terrible to see Kirk's stupidity play out on TV like that. Going to Benzino's house with strippers in the background talking about how he pulled out and used condoms. Just a big idiota!

Recently on Streetz Morning Grind, Kirk and Rasheeda stopped by to talk up some of their projects and of course their drama on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Here's some excerpts of what he said:
“I mean if you feeling a certain kind of way…At that moment in time, it was a lot going on. It’s so long to explain. It was one of them things where I was saying what’s on my mind, I was pissed off about a few things. Then Rasheeda mom all in the marriage. I mean I was like ‘Come on, it’s between me and you [Rasheeda.] You paying some bills over here? Let me handle mine.” - See more at:
Rasheeda and Kirk go back forth about the accusations of her cheating (including his admitted infidelity) and Rasheeda explained why she went to see her mother about her relationship with Kirk. When the topic was brought up about the DNA test; he explains it by recalling an DNA test he had with another woman over the paternity of her child who she claimed was his. Here's what he said:
“Here’s an example for me. This is one of my examples. And I know everybody gone be like ‘Ahh, what that got to do with…’ Let’s see, three years ago, all of a sudden, I get a phone call right? Somebody says ‘Yo, I need you to go take a blood test. I think this child may be yours.’ So another man is raising a child, I go take the little swab test, come back and it’s my son. So I found out I had a kid three years ago. But for me, as a guy…You can’t just always believe in what a woman tell you just because [she's your wife.]…Somebody else just raised my kid ’til he was almost 18 years old. He just found out that I’m his father…It’s women in general. You gotta understand…Listen, why not check and make sure a child is yours? Why not?” - See more at:
Here's the interview below:

It's really sad actually. Kirk is an absolute clown. There is no reason for a man to be that old and that stupid. Rasheeda girl you've really bagged a good one, I GUESS. But I'm not hating. Because you know what marriage is hard work. It takes time, dedication, love and trust. A child is a huge responsibility and should never be aborted over anything trivial. It is important that every decision regarding a child is well thought out. If you didn't want a baby then you should've stayed wrapped up at all times. Plenty of performers have gotten pregnant had their children and still been able to do what they do everyday. Its hard true enough but with some clear level headed thinking it can be done.

First off it seems like Waka Flocka's mother Deb knows what she's doing. She told Rasheeda that the video basically looked ratchet with her being pregnant, rapping about hitting it from the back (at least thats what I thought about it and took from what she said). And for the record it was ratchet be it a metaphor or truth. Further more Deb is also right about Rasheeda focusing on the endorsement deals. You can still do meet ups, grand openings, all of that. And your studio time will be focused, you'll have better quality music all that. But Rasheeda is not aware of how to do this on her own and she's making mistakes that can't be undone. I thought the photo shoot was a good idea. But the video was not. She looked pregnant and it just seemed so wrong to shoot a video about sex when your pregnant. I don't know but if I was Rasheeda's manager and I found out she was pregnant I would have made sure she was clear on the circumstances and laid out a clear plan for her while she was pregnant and then after she had the baby about 3 or 4 months depending on she feels then we can start the videos and photo shoots again.

I hope Kirk has been on his hands and knees apologizing to Rasheeda for the stupidity and idiotic attitude he has had lately. He is a true dope and no matter what he says everyone will view him as the biggest jerk in the world. Point, Blank, Period.

Rasheeda I hope everything works out for you, your unborn baby, and dumb ass Kirk too. Girl marriage is a marathon not a sprint probably one of the best things to remember when your in a marriage. Trials and tribulations is par for the course.