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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Alums Traci Steele and Raqi Thunda Have a Twitter Battle!

Social media is meant for connecting with others and your favorite celebs. But people are just taking it to a whole new level. Using Twitter and Facebook to publicly humiliate and blast colleagues, enemies and more. Its childish, sad, and just flat out ignorant. Let me explain...

Raqi Thunda and Traci Steele have been battling it out on Twitter lately. Unfortunately it was nothing to really squawk about. Raqi was commenting on episodes of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. To para phase she simply said that Traci needed to focus on herself instead of the father of her child's many women. Which I agree. And Traci Steele responded by saying she always felt Djs should stick together. According to Traci Steele, Raqi Thunda isn't even on her level when it comes to being a Dj. And then it just kept going on and on from there.

Well first off I do agree with Raqi Thunda on some of the things she said about Traci Steele and her ongoing struggle with DJ Drew. Yes in many ways Drew needs to grow up and stop acting like a kid. But on the flip side of the Traci needs to let go. Her only concern should be when their child is in need. Their communication should only be if they are mutually agreeing on something that concerns their child or they have business. Other than that its not necessary for her to come over his house and cuss him out because there is a female at his residence. To me that makes me think you are not over him and your breaking a cardinal rule: Mother of the Child does not = Wife. There is a difference in your roles and Traci my dear you need to learn yours. You can be friends with Drew and even go into to business with him if you want (although next time you need to run a background check on your business man #imjussayin) but other than that let him do him and you do you. Period! I'm sorry Traci, I like you I really do but its important for you to sever your romantic/girlfriend ties with him. If you don't you will never have a meaningful relationship or live a full life outside of that relationship. Now I'm through moving on to Ms. Raqi Thunda.

Raqi, I don't really have much to say about you except, its clear you have no problem throwing shade (Joe Budden, Jen the Pen, Consequence, Rasidah, etc) but when the tables are turned you are quick to fight. To me you are clearly an attention whore. Pure and simple. Do I think your using Traci Steele's drama to stay relevant no, I think you were just speaking your mind. But after Traci commented (which by the way what she said was true and honestly anybody with a brain could see that) why couldn't you leave it alone? You said your peace. It was over. Grow Up! Its time out for this childish "Blow Down" mouthpiece you have. Yea your a radio personality, cool. I knew nothing about you until Love & Hip Hop and that's real. Just fall back. Its time to stay in your lane. Real Talk! Why did you even have to involve yourself in Traci's business. There was no need. Let's just spin this to you. If someone began speaking of the father of your child or your religion you spazz out. Everyone including colleagues from your show and people in the industry i.e. Fabolous and more have called you an IP - Industry P****. But Traci didn't go there with you, so L.I.G it, seriously. Ms. Raqi (by the way I LOVE your name, #RealTalk) stay in your lane.

If you want to see the tweets click the source link below and read them for yourself. This is childish and immature. Honestly if I was Traci I wouldn't even respond. I'm so done with this whole thing. It's #DEAD