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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Drake v. Chris Brown No More! Drake Wants to Talk it Out! Time for Peace

Now usually I'm all for the drama. But in this case I'm tired of it! Chris Brown and Drake have been feuding over Rihanna and other DISS topics for years and its getting old. Chris tried to extend an olive branch once before but Drake wasn't having it and feud continued. Now Drake is on the giving end, he's officially ready to talk it out with Chris and end their feud. Although there have been reports that Chris Brown has said that he will continue to blast Drake, I don't believe that. I believe after he was denied the peace the first time Chris is not going to be suckered into no pissing match with anyone again. The last time that happened people were injured and people sued! Drake has also said that he doesn't want another confrontation, but if he it happens he's not going to back down.

Never the less I think a sit down is a great idea. These two guys are the biggest stars on the planet right now. Fortunately it wouldn't be nothing just say "Look lets let by bygones be bygones and start fresh. No diss tracks, no ill talk in the media nothing. Let's just do what we do best and work on building a friendship. If there is no friendship to be had then let's be professional and cordial. I respect you and you respect me." That's how you do it. Real Men, don't fight over a Woman. I'm sorry but there are millions of women in the world and as far as I'm concerned Rihanna was not the one for either one of you. It's time for y'all to grow up! Stop acting like cavemen and act like the gentlemen I know you both can be.

June Issue of GQ: Drake Clean Cut, LOVE IT!
Drake, I just want to say this to you whether you read this or not. You are a man of many talents your music is awesome (sometimes) and I can listen to just about all of your albums all day long. But your attitude sucks. I don't know if that's how people are portraying you or if this is how you present yourself to the world but I feel like you need to have some humility. The first time you were in GQ magazine I was stoked! I was like YES! One of my favorite rappers/actors is in my favorite men's fashion magazine. I'm copping it 100%! Then I get it on my iPad and you look GOOD, nice smile, scruffy hair but that's OK lol, and you had a on a good looking suit. So far so good right? But then I read your interview and every other word was Mutha****** this and S*** that. It was horrible. Listen as a black man you have too many strikes against you. There is a way to conduct yourself in public. Don't act like your mother didn't teach you any manners. Conduct yourself like a gentlemen, act all times. Its time out for this rude rapper persona. Lil Wayne, brilliant artist but no one is going to tolerate that thug mentality all the time (let's hope in this month's issue of GQ you have curbed that). You have to EVOLVE. You idolize Jay-Z then take your cues from him. Do you see him cussing and acting like he ain't got no home training? No! Jay-Z conducts himself like a well educated business man, because that's what he is PERIOD. I think you trying to end this drama between you and Chris is a great idea. But you are just now seeing the light. You did an interview on the radio a couple months ago blasting the man. So I wouldn't expect the sit down to happen any time soon. You should've done this a while ago instead holding on to your ego like its prize to be won. Just L.I.G. it Drake. It's time to grow up.

January Issue of XXL Magazine: Chris Brown, It's Hot!!
Chris, I think your music is awesome. But you also have work to do. I was watching Fuse a couple days ago and you were answering questions (on the set of Tanks new video Shots Fired) about people taking shots at you through the social/media. It amazed me how you said you didn't care about it. You have made some questionable decisions in your youth. Decisions that you will probably have to pay for the rest of your life. It's time to just accept it. Don't get me wrong I think you have grown so much and you've tried to shake that image that people have of you. Its been a long hard road. You owned up to your mistakes and you've continued to pay the price for what happened between you and Rihanna. It's sad but true. As a man you need to let it go with Drake. Stop and think for a second, Drake would never have been able to be with Rihanna unless she welcomed it. Nobody ever steals a mate, they usually go willingly. You have to understand that that was a long time ago. Your feelings, Drake's and Rihanna's have changed drastically. You need to make up with him not for the world or him but for yourself. When you carry around all that hatred, it takes its toll on your body and mind. It affects you. Its a burden that doesn't need to be carried. Just forgive, don't forget. Start fresh with Drake. You don't have to be buddy buddy, but I think you should at least make an effort to squash this ridiculous feud between you two.

There is no need for this to even be going on. Hip Hop and R&B are so competitive. Why can't you guys work together like Country Western artists do. Most of them are really good friends with each other. They work well with each other. Its so simple and easy to do. And by the way all of them, all of them have their multi-platinum albums, Grammy awards, and world wide tours just like you. Trust me being civil towards each other is the best route to go. It will be better than the alternative: being thrown out or banned from clubs for fighting, being sued for damages, constantly having to answer questions about your feud, debating whether your going to an event because the other guy might be there, constantly being angry for NOTHING, never ending media amping up the feud, etc. Just L.I.G. it! For Real!

I say these things out of love for the both of you. I don't think I can go a day without either one of your music on my phone, computer, iPad or iPod. I listen both of you at least once a day both old and new music (including mixtapes). Seriously I wish you both the best of luck and I hope that you two work it out!