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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kim Zolciak is Pregnant AGAIN?! Babe Aren't You Tired Yet?

Kim Zolciak is pregnant with her husband Kroy's 3rd child. I'm just shocked that she's pregnant again. I think Kim is a little cooky but still good people. But her and Kroy are humping like high school kids. Mr. Biermann I gotta talk to you honey. Get in close....Put a cap on it son! Your young yes but thats a lot of mouths to feed. But your trying for a girl of your own and I can understand that. So with that being said, Congrats!

But I'm happy for you. Every child thats conceived is meant to be here. If Kim likes it I love it. So Congrats Kim just babies. Ooh I have 2 nephews that I take care of from time to time and I going crazy. Honestly I don't how she does it! Congrats Kim and Kroy, Good Luck with your new family and new life!