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Monday, June 17, 2013

Miguel....Poor, Poor Miguel. His Legal Troubles Continue.....

Miguel's infamous performance from the billboard music awards are haunting him. 

The young lady Khyati Shah obtained a layer several weeks after Miguel's his performance leading over the mosh pit off fans and landing her head and neck. Initially it was being reported that Miguel was concerned about the young lady's well being. His team did reach out but not in the way Shah's lawyer expected. There has been no compensation, or even an offer of help from Miguel's camp.

Khyati Shah is an exchange student from New Zealand and was excited about going to Las Vegas and seeing her favorite singer. When the incident occurred the Shah was in shock, she was rushed backstage given an ice pack and snapped in a photo with Miguel, explained Bhola (Shah's lawyer). Bhola felt the that Ms. Shah was taken advantage of in her vulnerable state.

Khyati Shah has had tests done and the results are not good. She has had trouble remembering and has not been able to site and focus on her final exams. She can't clearly speak without hesitation and even mobility skills are affected by this.

Bhola says the lawsuit is being driven by the doctors. Once Khyati goes through all the required tests and everything is reviewed that will tell if a lawsuit will actually happen.

Billboard Music Producers had no comment on the matter!

Well unfortunately Miguel kind of has to eat this one. To avoid any type of lawsuit just pay her medical bills ensure that she is alright give her all access pass to your tour in her hometown and then let it be. Instead of egging a lawsuit on just help her out. In the end Miguel you decided to do the stunt knowing the risks and it was cool to look at but I'm sure Khyati would have loved to have seen it without your leg on her head. Just pay the girls medical bills and give her access your tour with Drake and Future in her hometown.

Squeaky clean career, there is no need to add this blemish to it. As for Ms. Shah I hope the injuries you sustained real and not fake. If you are experiencing these complications I'm sorry for what your going through and I hope things get better.

Source: Yahoo! News via Associated Press