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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update on RHOA Divorce: Porsha Fires Back!

This divorce between Kordell and Porsha is getting worse. Porsha is fighting back and she's gut punching that fool! She filed papers in court to get the house and alimony. Kordell had already filed a document with his divorce documents, in court saying that she was able bodied and didn't need support of any kind. reports Porsha and her legal team claim that Porsha gave up her life/career. Devoted herself to him and to being a stepmother for his son from a previous relationship. While Kordell was deceiving and conniving about divorcing Porsha. Porsha was committed to working on their marriage and remained loyal.

There are so many different reports it's hard to keep this story straight. First I was researching to find an update on Porsha and Kordell's divorce I found several reports that they are reconciling. What?! Reconciling after all that, that can't be true. There was one report saying that Kordell is divorcing her because she can't get pregnant. WOW! I hope that this is not true. Because if it is that would be the most despicable and disgusting thing I have heard. Then I read another report saying that Kordell had a new woman just days after the divorce! OMG! You can't be serious!

Let me put this way: I don't know one way or the other if these reports are actually true. I'm going play devils advocate here and say that they are all false and this divorce is happening. Kordell and Porsha are going to fight naturally because of the way this divorce went down. I hope Kordell does right by Porsha.

My initial thoughts of Porsha was that she was naive and inexperienced. That hasn't changed and but this will give her the opportunity to be stronger and become wiser. I think being on the show will really give Porsha the time she needs to find herself. It's sad that it had to happen this way but  things happen for reason. And now its time for Porsha to stop walking in Kordell's shadow and stand on her own two feet. It'll be a liberating experience and she'll never want to go back to being subservient. I promise you that!