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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Celebrity Feuds: Drake Disses Chris Brown Again, This Ish Is Getting Old!

Drake and Chris Brown are at it again. Quite frankly ya'll I'm sick of it. Drake was interviewed by Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson over at East Village Radio. He was interviewed on a number of topics. But you and I know they zeroed in on Chris Brown, Rihanna, and other idiotic topics. Here's the interview Via
On why he doesn’t do a lot of media:
Media, it’s just all entrapment. I’m not in the entrapment game. I came up here today because we actually have rapport, we’re friends, and you’ve always shown me respect but everything else is entrapment. People just go up to radio, start talking too much and make mistakes.
On Chris Brown
For any media outlet that listens to this interview, don’t ask me sh-t about that man when I come up there. Leave that man alone and stop preying on his insecurities man. His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping than him, and that at one point in life ,the woman that he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real n-gga would do and treated her with respect. So she’s not out there talking down on me. All of those things combined creates a n-gga that comes up to your radio station and is just gonna do dumb sh-t. But it shouldn’t be about tearing that man down, it shouldn’t be about wanting to see me and him tear each other down. We have an issue and it’s either gonna drag out, or maybe in ten years we’ll laugh about it over drinks, but let us solve that sh-t. It’s not me and Kendrick [Lamar], it’s not me and Hov, you’re not gonna get anything out of it. I don’t wanna hear that man rap, you know what I’m saying? Nobody wants to hear me rap against him, you’re not even going to get anything out of it. I just urge media to leave that sh-t alone.
What do people wanna see from it? You don’t wanna see two black men tearing each other down. I understand when it’s entertaining, when you feel that you might get some music out of it, but at the end of the day, nothing good can come of that situation, just leave that sh-t alone. That’s part of the reason why I don’t go up to radio. Sit up there and talk, talk, talk, I don’t wanna talk. People talk themselves into a mess. Playing my beat when he comes up there and try to get him to rap, c’mon man! That sh-t is like terrible.
I feel for him too. Every interview he does, they talk about me. It is what it is. I’m focused on this album and everything else that’s going on. I’m not thinking about that man…or that girl.
On being involved in beef and gossip
If it’s anything to do with me, if I ain’t say it [out of my mouth], chances are [I didn't say it].  Their job is to create stories. It’s not like I’m in some anti-media space. I just hate when it fuels people’s days. Get out of the house. F-ck all that bullsh-t.  At the end of the day, we are just two guys and a girl. We are regular people too. You shouldn’t care that much.
On taking responsibility for his rhymes
Just realizing that when I get in that booth, not only is the microphone on, but the microphone is on. The world is listening. I think the situation the other day with the Rocko song is a wake up call for all of us. Rap is important. The world is listening. It’s a wake up call. If you are going to say something that is going to put you at risk, make sure it’s a message worth fighting for. Not to scrutinize Rick Ross, I know him very well, that’s my guy, by all means I don’t mean to speak on another man’s situation, but just for me, it clicked, like “Wow!” And watching [Tu]pac, he felt like that message was worth fighting for. In this day and age, he would have lost corporate sponsorships and he would have lost money, but he thought that message was worth fighting for.
On why he doesn’t do a lot of endorsement deals
We love saying “No.” That’s why we are still here and we are still exciting. Preserving the brand and not just jumping out there doing every single thing that’s offered to me for a million dollars. To me a million dollars isn’t worth the mystique that I still possess when I drop a record. I don’t want to be in your face all of the time doing bubble gum ads and ads for trash bags. I’m not just going to take the first million dollar check that you give me. I’ll make a million dollars somewhere else to preserve the integrity that I still have.
On if he and The Weeknd parted ways
I mean, not necessarily. OVO was OVO and will always be OVO. All we did was embrace someone that we felt was extremely talented from our city and instead of hating on it and rejecting it, we completely embraced it and that was a big part of why it is where it is now. I mean, people make their own decisions. He went on to do something that he felt was a great decision and more power to him. I talk to him all of the time and I look forward to what he has coming in the future. I wouldn’t call it a parting of ways, I just think people reach a point when they need to make decisions and whatever decisions they make, that’s on him. OVO was always three letters and it will always stay like that.
Listen to the interview for yourself!


Well let me just say this: this feud between ya'll is dumb and idiotic. Ya'll have been arguing about the same ish for YEARS! That gets tiring after a while. I'm a need for ya'll to just L.I.G. it. Cause seriously reading about this is so old and over with. Rihanna is obviously not phased and ya'll are arguing over pride. Nothing about this situation is prideful and every time ya'll argue about this it doesn't do anything but feed into the media that BOTH of ya'll hate.

Question: Do I think Drake's music is much better than Chris Brown's music? Eh...not so much. If your comparing the singing then answer is no. Chris Brown is a much better singer than Drake. Drake can skate by on his minimal singing but he ain't no singer. Lyrically their both in the same boat. Drake ain't no Jay-Z or Biggie and Chris Brown ain't no Tupac or Easy E..PERIOD

On a Real Talk Moment, comparing their music is like apples and oranges. They cannot be compared because each has its own little niche that makes them stand alone and unique. You never heard of Gap Band arguing with Frankie Beverly and Maze over a woman. Or the Ohio Players fighting with O'Jays. They did their thing regardless of their fellow peers and competition. The ignorance that is being exuded is amazing. 

Chris Brown hasn't said one bad thing about Drake recently (besides rapping over Drake beat in a recent radio interview). He's been interviewed countless times and he's been very mature about the situation. I can't say the same thing about Drake. Obviously he is still raw about the situation and I wish he and the rest of the world would just Let It GO! Seriously he's not even with Rihanna anymore and from the reports neither is Chris Brown. All this over a effing woman?! Half of ya'll industry dudes are passing around women like a bad cold. 

Drake accused Chris Brown of being insecure, SERIOUSLY? Who's still taking jabs? Why can't you take the high road? Compliment the man on his new single and give him a good luck on his future endeavors. Tell him I'm an adult and I harbor no hard feelings toward you. 

Well this my first and last time talking about this subject. I'm so done with this whole BEEF. 

Message to Mr. Brown & Mr. Drake

Please GROW UP! If you haven't already! This negativity will do nothing but bring you down in the end. While your constantly hating on the other person they're sleeping at night. Honestly its not a good look and no respective woman wants to be a with a weak ass man who is constantly talking about how much better his work is. Your arrogance is not attractive its a major turn off. Please practice humility. #andimthrough