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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mimi's Pulling a Kenya?! Well Nikko's Talking And You'd Be Surprised What He Has to Say...

Mimi Faust & Ex-Boyfriend Nikko

Well the BlogSphere is all a buzz this morning because apparently Mimi and her boyfriend of almost a year Nikko have broken up. Many bloggers are saying the relationship was fake from the start! Just in time for the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta next week. Mimi has apparently gone back to her on again, off again boyfriend Stevie J. 

Well the left out party of this love quad (Constant circle between Joseline, Stevie J, & Mimi) is Nikko. And he is not happy. In a interview on March 5 with, he is setting the record straight about the gay rumors that were allegedly started by K. Michelle and his issue with her. He claimed that K. Michelle was jealous and didn't want to see Mimi happy. 

Hmm...My Oh, Oh My, have the tides changed. Ms. Mimi decided to break up her wonderful, happy relationship with Nikko and go back to the dysfunction that is...the Almighty (and I use that term very LOOSELY) Stevie J!  They broke up last month and Nikko has decided to talk about it. According to, Nikko is crushed by their recent breakup. In a report done by SandraRose, Nikko told his friends and family that he feels betrayed and humiliated by Mimi. Here's a quote of his exact words via

“Now he knows the show is scripted; it’s not reality,” says the source who added, “Nikko feels betrayed.”
“Now he thinks [Mimi] was playing him or she’s just playing stupid,” said my source. 

I'm sure all of this will play out on the show, well part of it! What do I think about this? Well I knew that she was going back to Stevie J it was just a matter of time. I didn't think it would happen so soon though. I thought things would go sour with him, Che Mack (and somebody tell me where the hell that chick came from? she is one weird looking broad) and Joseline. And then he would be crawling back to Mimi again and like a sap she'll take him back. 

Mimi Faust & Current Boyfriend Stevie J
Unless Mimi is willing to accept the fact that Stevie J is always and I mean always going to sleep around, then she will forever be trapped in this nonsense. Now if she accepts that's who he is and wants him anyway than well I can't be mad at her. I know ya'll probably like WHAT?! Well let me explain. If she goes into the situation with her eyes open she can no longer play victim and just has to accept what ever comes her way.

As far as her and Nikko goes, yeah he got played like a sucker. According to Nikko feels like Stevie J and Mimi never broke up. It was just a stunt to boost the ratings of the show. He even went further to say that Stevie J's relationship with Joseline was fake. And Mona Scott is the puppet master behind the scenes. I can believe it. It sounds plausible and if you manipulate things enough you can make it appear to be reality.

Poor Nikko. Next time you'll be more careful.

Cardinal Rule #135: Never Date a Reality Star. How would you know if they truly want you or not? They could simply be using you for their show or to get one.

Listen up Nikko! If you feel as though you were played then 99% of the time you were. I feel bad for you. But here's some free advice: Move on, don't dwell on it. Seriously Nikko its not worth it. Your a very attractive guy. Plenty of Fish in the SEA!

Besides When You Look Like This:


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