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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teacher Denies Molestation on the Grounds that She's a RACIST!

I was just about to lay down when I got this message on my Facebook feed! I was floored when I saw this from Apparently Esther Irene Stokes is accused of sexually molesting a 7 year old African American female student. But she claims that she's a racist and would never molest a black child according to A MESS!

The 7 year old little girl alleges that the teacher at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School in Humble sent all the other students away and began to molest her by touching her private area (which the little girl did identify to the authorities). Stokes denies that she touched the girl because was prejudice but when given a lie detector test, she failed. The little girl also told the police that when she told Stokes to stop she made the little girl stand outside in the hallway and denied her lunch for the day. Although Stokes denies it, the school reports on the docket that the little girl did not show for lunch [on March 1]. Watch the report below for yourself!

You know what this is just DISGUSTING! WHY? Why do people do this to children? I'm praying for that little girl. I hope she alright and well taken care of. I'm glad they caught this monster before it got any worse. She was first put on administrative leave after the incident. But was ultimately fired after an investigation of the incident was launched by Miracle Education Systems.

Her defense is that she's a racist? GTFOH (If your not good on internet lingo it means ----> Get The F*** Out of Here)! You have lost your DAMN MIND if you think for a second that this will work for you. Seriously Racism, thats an awesome angle. Heifa, I hope they put your ass under the jail! Better yet I hope they put you in a jail where another does the same thing your tried to do to that 7 year old girl. Your a despicable human being and I for one have no sympathy for you! I hope you ROT IN JAIL!

61 year old Esther Irene Stokes was charged with Indecency with a Child. She was arrested and released on bail the same day. Her trial is set for May 21.

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