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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Outrageous Concert Ticket Prices (Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, & Beyonce): Kid Rock is Speaking Out!

So I'm watching Wendy Williams which I watch regularly. I like Wendy Williams but she's severely messy and drama filled. But that's a blog for another day. Anyway she has a segment called Hot Topics in which she mentioned Kid Rock being upset with his friends Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.

Apparently all these guys are good friends and are on good speaking terms. But Kid Rock feels like their ticket prices are outrageous and ridiculous. Wendy said that tickets for their concert was going for as much as $650 for tickets! She also explained how Kid Rock was totally against the outrageous prices and he thought his friends were being unreasonable with their ticket prices. 
To offset the outrageous ticket prices that are being offered by his colleagues. Kid Rocks' tickets for his concert tour are starting at $20!  Kid Rock stands to lose anywhere from $50,000 - $100,000 from each show. He also has lowered the prices on parking, merchandise, and of course ticket prices.
According to, in a recent interview with Piers Morgan Kid Rock had several statements for the outrageous ticket prices:
"It's garbage. It's highway robbery. I don't care who you are...I would consider both of them in a circle of friends in the business but I don't agree with it."  
 He went on to further state:
"It's gotten out of hand. The price of concerts, the price of entertainment period. You know, whether it's a sporting event, going to the movies, buying a soda there, whatever... I've always tried to keep prices what I think are fair. And I've always said I'm proud that I could walk around with my head held high and look someone in the eye, knowing that I haven't taken an un-honest dollar from a working man... I make a lot of money. I can take a pay cut."  
Kid Rock has many businesses that he has invested in and started. He's a very wealthy man worth well over $37 million.

I did some research online and found out that the tickets really are outrageous. Take a look at these photos taken with my iPad of the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's: The Legends of the Summer 

Starts at like $70.00 for a ticket then the highest ticket is like $13,000.00! The higher the ticket the more you have in the package: like food, pre-show tickets, backstage passes, etc. The package that has $13,000.00 for a price includes pre-show party and dinner, backstage passes, etc. The Luxury package includes 6 tickets and parking passes that equal up to $13,000. That's $2,174.83 per person. Way too much for a 2 to 3 hour concert.

 I decided to look up Beyonce's tour cause I heard her tickets were outrageous as well and let me tell ya'll it was no different with Mrs. Carter either. Starting off one ticket was $150.00. The highest ticket I saw for Beyonce's tour was $4,000! 

I'm not shocked at the prices for these concerts. The last concert I went to was the R. Kelly Double Up Tour that came to Cleveland in 2007 with Keyshia Cole and J. Holiday. It was my birthday and my first/last time going a concert. My mom won free tickets through the radio station and that was my birthday present from her. I just can't believe that they are charging people this much and people are really going pay this!

My hat goes off to Kid Rock! I've always been a fan of his music and just him in general. He's a great guy and for him to make his tickets $20 and knock off the price of the merchandise & parking is so AWESOME!

I would like to think that Jay-Z, Beyonce, & Justin Timberlake appreciate their fans enough to do something for them. Without the fans none of you would have a career. Your livelihood is built on the backs of your fans. I hope you guys appreciate that. 

Anyway Good Luck on of your tours and new albums. I can't wait to hear the music!

Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z's Legend's of the Summer Tour Begins in Toronto July 28 and ends August 16 in Miami Gardens, FL
The Mrs. Carter Tour Starring Beyonce Begins in Las Vegas June 29th and ends August 5 in Brooklyn, NY
Kid Rock's Best Night Ever tour begins in Virginia June 28 and end September 15 in Tampa Florida.