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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Televanglist & "Prophet" Juanita Bynum was Arrested!

The prophetess known as Juanita Bynum was arrested in Dallas Thursday night. Ms. Bynum was being sued by play promoter Al Wash of ALW Entertainment. She received a $100,000 pay out to appear in the play. She took the money but failed to appear in the play. Al Walsh sued and won a recovery of $140,000. She was ordered to begin making payments and she defaulted. After Juanita Bynum missed a scheduled court appearance to explain her failure to make payments, a warrant was issued for her arrest and she was then arrested.

Juanita Bynum has divulged to Wash's attorney's her assets and her business dealings. Which is a sign that payments will follow.

Mugshot of Ms. Juanita Bynum's Arrest
This is really sad because she had a really great ministry going. She was very good at singing god's word as well as preaching the word. But after that fiasco with her husband (abuse) hit the news and the fact that she was claiming she was a prophet, that was beginning of her demise. Then obviously business began to pick up again. She was asked to star in a play and was paid $100,000 to do it. But she reneged on the deal and ended doing time for it. I don't understand why she didn't do the play or what happened. None of that was explained in the report. Were there creative differences? I don't know. But taking money and not following through on your end of the deal is pretty messed up. Considering your a public figure for God and everyone is going to judge and scrutinize you. I hope Ms. Bynum pulls it together. Prayer and a whole lot of humility is in order!