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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Omarosa is being Investigated? Why? Because of Michael Clark Duncan's Altered Will!

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So Omarosa is being investigated for the drastic change in Michael Clark Duncan's will just months before he died. When Omarosa appeared on the Wendy Wiliams Show last month she was asked by Wendy if she was left anything in the will. Omarosa replied
“Let me just tell you that Michael was just the most incredible, generous soul and probably the most shocking aspect of this is that he did want to make sure that I was cared for, very, very well.”
Well Michael's sister Judy is implying that Omarosa isn't as "shocked" as she's letting on. According to TMZ, Judy Duncan hired a lawyer and is investigating the change in the will that occured in April, a couple months prior to his death. The big change was that Omarosa was named the main beneficiary in will. Judy goes on to explain that she thinks her brother was not fully coherent to understand the decision that he was making. She goes on to further explain that his speech was slurred and he had been stumbling.
Omarosa says otherwise. Here’s her statement to TMZ, “I don’t control the estate or the finances and Judy knows it. If you saw all of her emails and texts to me you would see that she is just trying to get money from me, and threatened going to press if I did not give it to her and that is a crime!” she told TMZ.
OMG! Then Judy revealed that Omarosa sold a lot of Michael's belongings including his cars, watches, awards, The Godfather Memorabilia, and his director's chair from The Green Mile. She did this without informing his family. Very distasteful!

 I have NEVER been a fan of Omarosa. But I never knew or thought she was really how she portrayed herself. I always thought she just loved the spotlight and did everything she could to be in it! But with the stories that are being told about her, I believe it. If these stories that Claudia Jordan, LaToya Jackson, and Judy Duncan are saying is true then I would have to say that Omarosa is probably one of the most disgusting people I've ever seen in my life. A man is dying and instead of caring for him and loving him, you decide this is your opportunity to get everything you think you deserve.

I'm severely angry and this isn't even my family. I hope and pray that this is not true and that she is just misunderstood or something like that. Cause if it is she'll be the most hated woman in america. She's earned that moniker once before when she was on the Apprentice the first time. But I again I hope this is not true. I hope Omarosa is better than this.