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Monday, April 22, 2013

Religious Reality TV...Good or Bad? posed this question: Is Religious Reality TV Really Bad Or Are People Too Caught Up In What Gospel Artists Should Be? And then they gave their perspective now I'm going to give mine! Read what the ladies and gents had to say over at - 

Religion is a touchy subject with anyone. As a child I was raised in the church. But I was very very confused as to how god worked and it was never thoroughly explained to me until recently. I was under the impression that it was like magic and superstition. Here I am 4 years from 30 and I still think god works by waiving a magic wand and then POOF everything would be alright! It wasn't until recently that I was explained that God doesn't work that way. Having said that I think reality TV allows people to see that even though gospel artists and regular people believe in god they are not separate or different from us. They have the same ratchet problems that we have and there is no magic power that protects them feeling the same pain and heartache that everyone else feels. It shows the realistic views of being a Christian and the struggles that come along with it.  

But it also has a downside. For instance The Sisterhood which airs on TLC. I watched the in the beginning. Its supposed to be about the bonding that occurs between the first ladies of different churches i.e. pastor's wives. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a first lady. Some can preach and teach others are the right of the pastor and help guide the women in the church. Some do it all! But in this instance this show is not inspiring its just very ratchet. Even if it didn't have the religion component attached to it, it still would be a bad idea. The show is based in Atlanta and it just doesn't sit well with me. TLC is turning into a reality network with Honey Boo Boo, Cake Boss, 19 and Counting, etc. Too many reality shows to count. Anyway back to the show. This show features pastors and their wives of different denominations (such as Methodist, Baptist, even Jewish!). These ladies are treacherous and scandalous. But it is a good depiction of whats going in the church amongst closed eyes. To me its just a show that didn't need to be made. Another depiction of women, not being able to get along and accept each others faults. And showing how catty and jealous women can be.  

Another bad show idea was Lifetime's Preachers Daughter's. Which follows the lives of three teenage girls as the daughters of Preachers. One of the teens is pregnant and has no idea who the father is. Personally I think she was on the wrong show. She should've signed up for teen mom! The other girl is over sexualized all the time. Talking about being a stripper, a porn star, going to hotel parties with nothing but boys, dancing in the mirror with bikini's on and taking a photos putting them on Facebook. Her father and mother ain't having though and their pushing hard for their daughter to understand that life. The other girl I'm sure what her story is and I really don't care to know. Point is that this story was nothing new. I've grown up around preachers kids a lot of top stars are preachers kids: Wyclef Jean, Nicole Scherzinger, etc. When you grow up in a life like that. Sheltered from the real world. You are so ready to explore by the time your a teenager that you just go BUCKWILD! Preachers kids often act out worse than a normal kid. That's not statistic it is FACT! Seriously! On this show it is just put on display for the world to see. I just think this show was unnecessary. With shows like Teen Mom, Buckwild, Jersey Shore, Love & Hip Hop, did we really need Preacher's Daughter's? Come on, REALLY? There was no need for this at all! 

Other shows like Mary Mary for instance are just showing the realistic side of the gospel music industry and their personal struggles. They are not being distasteful to attract viewers they are being themselves and they love God while doing. That's why I can ride for Mary Mary. I like the show, their music and I like them. 

So to answer the question: Is Religious Reality TV Really Bad Or Are People Too Caught Up In What Gospel Artists Should Be? Yes people are too caught up in what gospel artists or what the gospel should be period. If you look at like this you'll understand. Everyone who preaches and sings the gospel is HUMAN. And they deserve the right to be HUMAN! No one is perfect in anyway shape or form. We make drastic, drastic mistakes. But the good thing about being Christian is forgiveness and learning from your mistake. People are always caught up on image and very quick to judge. When I am almost certain that things depicted on reality TV is only scratching the surface when comparing some of our lives. 

Religious Reality TV needs to be more REALISTIC and just show people who love god and how work through the struggles of being a christian (or whatever your religion) and a human. 

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