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Friday, May 24, 2013

Paris Hilton has Signed a New Record Deal with Y.M.C.M.B.! Really? Music Is Dead Man!


What is this for? Not everyone is meant to be a music artist. Stay in your lane. All the producers, writers, etc, are wasting time and money on people with no talent when there are plenty of people who can sing beautifully. I'm not buying any of the music she puts out and I'm not condoning this BS! Nothing against you Ms. Hilton but just because you have a lot of money and look pretty doesn't mean you can sing or rap. Just do what you do best. You have a great shoe line and clothing line, the perfume you came out with is dope. Please just be a great socialite and entrepreneur. Seriously, a music artist? Please OK?

I'm tired of people who are not even trying to make good music. They're just in it for the money or to stay relevant. It's not cool and makes a mockery of the music industry and those artists who struggled before them. Now you come up with this? This is an insult to the real artists and music industry itself. You don't have to like ya'll I'm just speaking my mind!

Here's the tweet of her being welcomed into the YMCMB crew:

Can you tell how PISSED I AM RIGHT NOW?! Doesn't matter people are still going to buy her music without fail. And thats ok. I just want it on the record saying that I am NOT one of those people!

Listen to her a song off her 1st Album: Paris called "Stars Are Blind"

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