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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Michael Clarke Duncan's Grave was Vandalized! OMG Let the Man Rest!

TMZ is reporting that beloved actor Michael Clarke Duncan's grave was vandalized with racist graffiti. This is just SAD. Here's what the report on said: 
We’re told … a family friend stopped by Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills to deliver flowers to the spot where MCD was interred in Sept. 2012 … when she noticed a figure of a cartoonish black face had been attached to the center of MCD’s tomb. 
The friend believes the black face is an image of “Sambo” — a character that has long been considered an offensive and racist depiction of a black person.
MCD’s friends and family were shocked by the discovery — wondering what kind of lowlife would desecrate Michael’s final resting spot.
 We’re told the family contacted the LAPD — and were told the incident could be considered a hate crime. Cops are currently investigating the situation
The family tells us … Forest Lawn immediately removed the “Sambo” from MCD’s tomb — but they won’t be satisfied until they find out who violated the tomb.
Let this man rest in peace. Seriously what was the point of that! Unfortunately hatred does not stop at the grave and even if they find out who did vandalize the grave there are at least 50 more racist idiotic ignorant douche bags just waiting for their chance to make life miserable for everyone who doesn't look, talk, walk, or even think like them.

It seems like Michael won't resting without drama and controversy for a while. From Omarosa making a mockery of Michael's funeral to her suing La Toya Jackson or rather threatening to sue to his own sister accusing Omarosa of getting Michael to change his will before he died to this! My god please stop this! Someone is dead, they deserve to rest in peace, I know Michael Clarke Duncan is turning over in his grave!

Here is a shot of the of is believed to be a Sambo character mask placed on Michael Clarke Duncan's grave. These are actual images of Michael's grave via

Either way the mask is disrespectful. I hope they find out who did this and then give them what they deserve.

Rest In Peace Michael Clarke Duncan. You were taken away so soon, but on the bright side you are getting a well deserved rest. Much Love and Rest Easy! God Bless You and Your Family!

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