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Friday, May 24, 2013

On Strike! Love & Hip Hop New York Stars Are Angry Vh1 Execs! is reporting that there is trouble in the Love & Hip Hop Universe! Apparently the stars of the show are not happy with their pay checks nor the way they are being portrayed on the show. Mona Scott's empire is slowing crumbling. Basically the entire cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York were set to film next season's trailer but only half of the cast showed up. The half that didn't were protesting, claiming they weren't satisfied with the contract negotiations. The rumor is that they wanted double what they were originally got.

Then the cast members that were on set decided protest too. They wanted more input in the revisions of their contracts so they walked off set. That coupled with the casts gripes of the way they were portrayed on the show is the main reason why Love & Hip Hop NY is at a stand still. Emergency negotiation meetings have been set for sometime next week. If they get their demands met they plan on continuing their protest until the get what they want! Mona Scott-Young can't be happy about this, but she has not voiced her opinion on it. Vh1 has yet to release any comments.

What do you think?

Well in my opinion they need Love & Hip Hop not the other way around. Yes the show probably wouldn't be the same but come on. They were able to find new guys and girls to replace the original cast all except Olivia of course. So of course they can find new candidates and it can be just as ratchet as before. Honestly if you want the REAL they can scrap the show really. I mean I love Joe Budden and I like Yandy & Olivia but everybody else I can do without. Seriously Love & Hip Hop ATL is their main attraction now. Everybody knows it. The bad part about it is Love & Hip Hop ATL was a spin-off Love & Hip Hop NY was the original. I never liked the original show in the beginning and then I watched Love & Hip Hop ATL and I wasn't really hooked I just needed some drama to watch and it filled the void. Like I said these cast members better be careful. They can seriously lose out on their show.