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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fake Divorce? Really Porsha & Kordell, REALLY?!

Apparently this wasn't as treacherous on Kordell's part after all. It actually was a ploy to keep Porsha and Kordell on the show. And IT WORKED! Here's the skinny according to an insider Porsha and Kordell were both informed that their contracts for Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta would not be renewed. To stir up some mess for themselves as well as ratings the created this fake divorce complete with lawyers, rumors, everything you could think of. 

According to the insider Kordell and Porsha never planned on getting a divorce. They've been living together this entire time as man and wife. The entire story of Kordell blindsiding her with a divorce was a complete LIE! Well their little ploy worked. A Bravo executive has confirmed that they have asked them to return to the show and they've accepted. The insider claims they thought if they pulled a "NeNe" and create a fake divorce they would be more valuable to the show. WHATEVER?!!!!

What do I think? Total BS!

If this is true then Porsha you are ratchet as hell and Kordell your just as dirty. First off why can't these shows ever be real? Why can't they be about people who have real friendships, who hang around each other and chronicle that? Instead of throwing people who might run in the same circles into a situation with fake parties and fake vacations. 

Second I don't think NeNe and Greg had a fake divorce. It was clear they had marital problems and it wasn't just on TV. But if the divorce was fake that is despicable. Putting their youngest son through all the drama they had. I HOPE that it was not all a ploy. Seriously, by either Porsha or NeNe. It would be in very poor taste if it was! 

I really hope this is just another rumor and not real. Cause if it is the press is going to have a field day. And Bravo's going to have to make some major changes to their "Reality Franchise" with Kenya creating boyfriends and "Possible" fake divorces by Porsha and NeNe. Whats next fake pregnancies? I HOPE NOT!