Friday, May 17, 2013

Kim K. Afraid Her Man and the Father of Her Child Might Be GAY!

Listen there is nothing wrong with being gay. But when your in a relationship with a man and about to have his baby and you suspect that he may leave you for a MAN, that has to be DEVASTATING!

Allegedly Kanye West is gay. ALLEGEDLY he's seeing the designer (Riccardo Tisci) of the Givenchy dress Kim K. wore to the met gala earlier this month. Now I was watching Wendy Williams and she reported that Kanye has an apartment in New York and Riccardo just bought one a block from Kanye. And Kanye is reportedly constantly in Paris because of his friendship with Riccardo. Wendy also mentioned that Kanye has decided to go back on a full on tour right after the baby is born. All Speculated!!!!! Anyway Kim is freaking out! According to one of her friends Kim is deathly afraid of the humiliation and embarrassment that this type of news will cause her and her baby.

Well...Kim K. Let's Talk...

First off I don't think Kanye West is Gay. I think they are just trying to make a mountain out of a mole-hill. Seriously. Second I think you need to take time to understand the man you are with. If what these people who are close to you are saying is true (by the way you need new people if they are constantly going to report everything that your going through) then honey you've got bigger problems than this. Kim K. honey pull it together. Seriously choose a man that is compatible with you. It doesn't seem like you Kanye mesh well together. Be smart about who you are going to be with, everyone has a match and Kanye I'm sorry just isn't yours. 

Honey your pregnant, PREGNANT. With a child, an innocent child. You are bringing a baby into a world where people will do nothing but exploit and scrutinize. Its time you stop thinking about yourself and worry about your baby. Yes, Kanye is the father and currently your boyfriend but if you feel and I mean this If YOU FEEL like things aren't going the way they should then END IT! Don't buy into this crap about being gay and all that. Cause seriously its stupid. And even if he is that has nothing to do with you at all. Just focus on the child that is getting ready to come into this world. And if he's thinking of leaving right after the baby is born there is seriously something wrong with this picture. I couldn't see Kanye just leaving the baby and not being around them just to tour. Fans v. Baby, yea I'm gonna go with baby!

By the Way....

On the topic of your swollen ankles and feet...I don't care. If you are alright and not killing yourself for vanity I'm alright with it. Obviously its not that bad other wise you would opt for flats. But if flats aren't your thing try wedge heels (or kitten heels) that are like 4" or less. You'll still have the height but not the pain.

Anyway, Kim pull yourself together honey. Its time to GROW UP!!! 

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