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Monday, May 6, 2013

Gina Dejesus and Amanda Berry Have Been Found ALIVE! Thank GOD!: UPDATED!

Amanda Berry & Gina Dejesus 
Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus have been found! This story is continuing to unfold but, Amanda Berry along with Gina and another young lady named Michelle Knight were found in a home on Seymour Ave in Cleveland, Ohio. These women have been missing for well over 10 years. Amanda was abducted after her shift at a Burger King on Lorain Ave. Gina Dejesus was abducted on her way home from school. Michelle Knight's abduction was not in the news and I personally am not familiar with it. However I am SOOO GLAD THAT ALL THESE LADIES WERE FOUND TO BE SEEMINGLY ALRIGHT!

The story is crazy but it goes like this. 2 neighbors heard the screams of a young woman coming from their neighbors home. Both of the men ran to the home and came in contact with Amanda. She told them her name and to call 911. She expressed that she had been kidnapped and wanted to leave ASAP! The men busted down the door and she was free! They called 911, Amanda took the phone and explained who she was and also assured the operator that another missing woman Gina was there with her as well! The police were dispatched and everyone was removed from the home safely. A 52 year old suspect has been detained and unfortunately they have not released a name or pictures of the suspect. Put that SCUMBAG UNDER THE JAIL FOR LIFE!!!!!!
Gina Dejesus
Amazing! I'm so happy they were found. Gina Dejesus, Amanda Berry's, and Michelle Knight's families must be elated to find them. After all that time of being unsure and probably assuming their family members demise to find them alive probably is the best feeling they could ever feel. Gina and Amanda were kidnapped a year apart from each. Both are young women now Amanda 26 and Gina 24. I hope they all receive the help they need and deserve to be able to cope with what happened to them and move on with their lives. Good Luck ladies we are ALL rooting for you! I will be praying for you. Thank GOD they were found alive and safe. God is good all the time!
Amanda Berry
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Ariel Castro, 52 year old via

The suspect is named Ariel Castro. He is a former bus driver of the Cleveland Municipal School District. Ariel Castro's brothers are also arrested in connection with this case because it is alleged that they knew of the abduction of all three girls and they did nothing to help. Michelle Knight was abducted first in 2002, Amanda Berry was abducted in 2003, and Gina Dejesus was abducted in 2004. No one knew of Michelle Knight's abduction. The family never reported her missing because Michelle was an adult and they figured that the situation would work itself out in the end. Well fortunately according to the news Michelle, Gina, and Amanda are doing well out of the hospital and just loving being with their families and friends after a decade of captivity. Emotionally and mentally may be a different story!

The home is being searched and it is being reported that the house has a room with shackles hanging from the ceiling and but there is no definite report. Let's hope within the next couple of days more details will develop!

Amanda Berry (in the middle), Sister (on the left), and Amanda's 6 year old daughter

Ariel Castro's brothers were not charged with a crime related to the kidnapping or rape. They were charged with misdemeanors unrelated to the crime. Ariel Castro is being held on a $8 million dollar bond. The judge gave him 2 million dollars bond per each charge. This case is huge and is being reported nationally this is the last time I will update on this story. Simply because they deserve their privacy and need time to recoup with their families. Good Luck ladies and I hope that things only get better from here on out! Welcome Home Ladies!