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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kordell v. Porsha - Round 2

Well I knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. According to Bossip [via TMZ], Kordell Stewart has locked his soon to be ex-wife Porsha out of the house and changed the locks!

This divorce between them is getting really ugly. Apparently Porsha had to move in with her mother because Kordell locked Porsha out of the house and changed the locks. Porsha had to ask her attorney to persuade Kordell's people to give her a copy of the key but he won't budge. Porsha has filed new documents in family court asking the judge to force Kordell to ensure she has a key made or fork over some dough so that she can have a suitable residence to live in. But Kordell ain't having it. Recently Porsha tried to be amicable with Kordell but he wouldn't play ball, he called it "a waste of every ones time".

Porsha honey you better do battle. Kordell I don't know what the hell is going and personally I don't care. You wanted a woman who was at home with you and waiting on you, well baby you got it! Your very old fashioned and insecure it seems. Funny now you blindside this woman publicly with this divorce and refuse to pay her any alimony or anything. Porsha you need to pull yourself together. Fight for everything you deserve. The judge should and probably will side with you. Kordell wanted a stay at home wife and he got it.
Porsha you need to further your education in media since you are a reality star. Go another route beyond what most reality stars do (beyond the clothing lines, cosmetics, shoes, etc). Find a niche in television that you like. Be it in front or behind the camera. You'd be a great TV personality. Seriously, I think you need clean Kordell out! Get everything you can out of this divorce and then move on with your life.

Good Luck Porsha!

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