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Friday, November 15, 2013

Magazine Love: Katy Perry Graces the Cover of W Magazine!


I have to admit the first song I heard by her was I Kissed a Girl. I wasn't feeling it and to be honest I thought it was stupid. But I said okay you know what listen to the entire cd and then make the decision on whether you like Katy Perry. And after listening to One of the Boys all the way through I have to admit I was sleeping on Katy! She's Awesome and then Teenage Dream came out and I just fell in love with her music. She's awesome and I'm currently enjoying Prism as much as her other albums.

But anywho Katy's on the cover of W Magazine this month! Pretty awesome right?! W Magazine is a premiere fashion magazine. One of the top Editorial type spread magazines in the world. Katy looks great on the cover and in her photo shoot. She's just a gorgeous woman and can be edgy/avant garde and then transform into the girl next door that everyone covets. Can't wait till to find out if she's on tour in my town yet! Cause I'm going to her concert!

Listen to and Read Katy's Interview via She speaks on the aftermath of her marriage, John Mayer, Prism and more!

Check out her Photo Shoot! Its Hot:

Source: W