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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Justin Bieber's Brazilian Brothel Debacle is FAR from OVER!

Well if you didn't know Justin Bieber was in the news recently for coming out of a Brazilian Brothel. In Brazil prostitution is legal and it is legal to visit a brothel at the age of 18. Nothing Justin did was wrong. He was well within his legal right to visit a brothel. But the question is why? Besides the obvious. Justin has access to some of the most beautiful women in the world and can get it for FREE! Why go pay for it?

Anyway he was in the brothel for 3 hours with a friend and was spotted leaving with a sheet over his head. SMDH.

Justin Bieber has been out of control for a while but I'm sure his publicist is about to blow a gasket now with this video surfacing the net! On WorldStarHipHop one of the Prostitutes of the Brazilian Brothel posted a video of Justin sleeping. One would assume by looking at the video that he was getting his rest after having some fun with the prostitute. I don't know but this can't be good. Check it out:

Well this little betty has gone VIRAL! Its everywhere! Poor Justin. Little Boy you need to pull it together!

Justin, Justin, Justin...SMDH

Seriously Justin Bieber's behaviour isn't that surprising. When he first came out it seems like his parents were a heavy influence on his life and so was his mentor Usher. He was making decent music and had (and still has by the way) a MASSIVE fan base. But then he dated Selena Gomez, they broke up, and so began the slippery slope of Justin Bieber. His entire demeanor changed. He started hanging out with these other two mediocre rappers Lil Twist and Lil Za. Not sure if he was already hanging out with them before he broke up with her but I think they have something to do with his attitude. Justin started acting like a straight wigga. For those who don't know what a wigga is, it a caucasian or non african american person that acts or presents himself with african american stereotypical tendencies e.g. thug demeanor, hip hop swag/attitude, etc.

He began to have complaints against him for his loud partying at his home, fans began to complain about his snobby attitude toward them, fans asked for pictures or hug their request was denied, and he was even accused of spitting on a fan! Ultimate disrespect! He began to feel himself a lot and it only got worse. A couple weeks ago the icing on the cake before this tomfoolery about he brothel surfaced was a photo of him forcing his body guards to carry him across the great wall of China because he didn't want to walk the trek. Some people even referenced the picture as the "new master and slave" because Justin Biebers body guards are too big black corn fed men. I think thats going to far but whatever. They carried him because that what he asked. I think they would do whatever is required as long as their paychecks cleared.

Photos of Justin with his Bodyguards on the Great Wall of China

Check this video of him getting a bottle thrown at his head in Brazil:

Time to Clock the T on you Justin....

First off when I first heard Justin sing, I thought he was like 12 or 14 years old. He sounded and looked like a little girl. I was shocked to find out that he was a little boy and for a long time I was very confused. Then his career just took off and he became a household name overnight a POP sensation. Tours, movies, famous haircuts, every little kids dream. All from youtube and a couple song covers. But then he got with Selena which I still think was a ploy to push her career over the top because Selena was not a popular actress or songstress until after she started dating him. Yes she was famous for her role on the show on the Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney. But she wasn't as hyped as she is now. She picked up SERIOUS momentum while she was with Justin and after they broke up.

Say what you want but Hollywood is like that. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are a prime example. They were very public with their relationship and I think it was all a ploy to get Jen over with her music and fame. Ben got over too and appealed to a side of the market he probably wouldn't have if he hadn't dated Jennifer Lopez. They tried hard to make it look real but their relationship was FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! What made me suspicious...well...shortly after their breakup, Ben Affleck dated and married Jennifer Gardner. Which by the way, I believe that relationship was real. It just happened quickly. I mean literally after he broke up with J. Lo pictures and stories started surfacing about the new "Bennifer". If you recall Ben had two movies coming out during their relationship Daredevil and Gigli with his then fiance' J. Lo. Both movies bombed and then the relationship was dissolved. Funny he was engaged to Jennifer Lopez but was shooting the movie Daredevil with Jennifer Gardner that year as well. Hmmmm...Coincidence? I think NOT!

Now back to Justin. Shortly after his little publicity stunt with Selena, which don't get me wrong I think he really liked her. He was genuinely in love with her and you can tell by the way he acted toward her in public. But we have no idea what went on behind closed doors and probably never will. Anyway it started being reported that he was advised to stop hanging out with Lil Twist and Lil Za so much and focus on his career. He refused and has continued with his party lifestyle. Now he's being caught in brothels, spitting on fans, and having bottles thrown at his head! I hope he gets his act together because he seemed like a good a kid at heart but he just got caught up. I hope he calms down soon. SMDH a brothel though?

Source: HuffingtonPost & WorldStarHipHop