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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Know Your Baby Daddy! Man Ordered By a Judge to Pay Child Support of $1!

In Chester, VA Dwayne Parsons is probably breathing a sigh of relief and anger. You see he had a child with his then girlfriend Juanita Saunders, she put him on child support and now he owes the state money for back child support. He was paying $200 a month in child support payments. Then when a DNA test proved that he was not the child's father the rules of the game changed. Because Dwayne put his name on the child's birth certificate it means that legally he is that child's father responsible for the debt accumulated. So he is bound by law to pay for the back child support. The judge himself even said in court that the law is unfair. But to make it easier on Parsons and because he still had to pay restitution, the judge ordered Parsons to pay $1 a month for 1,917 years. Wow! Anyway Parsons seems to be in good spirits. He was glad that in court it was proven he was not the child's father and he was glad that the judge sided with him.

Here's his statement to the media:
"Unfortunately the law is the law, my message to everybody is if you're unsure, about you being the father of the child, do not sign that birth certificate - that's a well lesson learned,"
"It didn't go exactly all the way I wanted to go, but I'm satisfied with the decision," 
Parsons ex-baby mama Juanita Saunders had no statement, except for the same chicken head statement women give when they've been put on blast and caught:
"I'm good, I'm good, I take care of mine, I'm good, I just took care of her for 13 years I don't need anyone to take care of her, I'm good,"
Oh Juanita, SMDH. Anyway Parsons wants the money that he paid in child support back and he plans to sue Juanita to get it.

First off this is what kills me. You sleep with multiple men and get pregnant and instead of being honest you try to save face by lying to the man for years about the paternity of your child. Then on top of the lie you harass and badger him like he's the dog and has done so much wrong to leave you hanging out in the cold. When you know all along that this man is not your child's father. You know damn well he isn't yet you act a damn fool anyway? This kind of stuff happens all the time. Shows like The Test, The Trisha Goddard Show, Maury, The Steve Wilkos Show etc they do these kinds of paternity tests all the time. The women always act so shocked when it turns out that the guy or GUYS they've brought on the show are not their child's father. They have to have some clue as to who they were bedding before they conceived that child. And if you don't then that's a serious problem and you need to check yourself seriously.

Put it this way regardless of what this man has done to you in this relationship, you have now transferred all that drama, hatred, and stupidity to your child. You have forced your child to deal with grown up issues because you were too stubborn to let go of whatever animosity you have toward a man that isn't even their father. And to add salt in the wound now the child has no idea who their father is or where they come from. You've created a perfect storm brewed from your selfishness.

Women Listen Up: Be honest about your sexual partners. Keep tabs. Write down their names, phone numbers, everything. Keep a black book. Keep notes on every time you have sex with a man. That way when it comes time for paternity you have the facts in front of you with names and dates. Now this is only for women who have multiple partners often. And for women who are faithful and men ask for a test give it to him. I say prove his ass wrong. Don't get mad when he asks for a test just give him what he wants and prove his dumbass wrong. Don't sweat the small stuff ladies. When you KNOW he is the father giving him a DNA test shouldn't be a problem #imjussayin #keepinitalltheway100

Men Listen Up: You need to protect yourself. There are women out here who will trap you and have no problem with making you pay for another mans child. Its messed up but the truth. Protect yourself. Don't sign ANYTHING until a DNA test is done. Its not anything against the woman or child is a precaution for yourself. Now if your a low down dirty dog and you know damn well your girl is faithful to you and you ask for a DNA well I don't see nothing wrong with that either. Hopefully she gives you the test and proves your lying cheating ass is the father.

DNA tests are not an insult or hinderance. They are a necessity. Prove what you're saying is true ladies No Shame in Your Game. And protect yourself from lies and deceit Gentlemen. GET A TEST!

Source: NBC12