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Friday, November 8, 2013

BEWARE: is Putting People on Blast!!!! If You're A Serial Cheater...LOOKOUT!

I'm sure these sites have been around for a while so this trend is nothing new. Case in point there are several sites geared specifically for putting your cheating lover on BLAST:,,, the list goes on and on! But there is are two new sites that have been getting some serious recognition by blog sites like Bossip, Gossipcop and MadameNoire (one of my fave sites) they are: and The name alone is insane. But the stories of the complications some of the women have caused (but mostly the men were just cheating and the women are being blamed) is CRAZY. has been in existence for just a year. Its not a veteran site but it is a garnering some major attention and its because of the stories being posted BY REAL PEOPLE!!!!! Seriously check out some examples of the craziness you will read on this site:
"I have been dating this man for 5 years and I’m no hurry to get married because I was married to very abusive man I’m the past. Anyways this man and I had 2 children together and at the time I found out about the affair our youngest was only 4 months old....He started hanging out with his “friends” all the time and even stayed out until the next morning on several occasions. I knew he was cheating but I was determined to make this relationship work.....In March 2012 he called me to tell me that it was over and he left for 3 months. During those 3 months she posted pictures of the 2 of them on Facebook and even announced their relationship on Facebook....asked if he could come home and work on our relationship. I agreed, but he kept cheating with her. In August I found out I was pregnant again and the best part of this story, she was pregnant too! We were only 5 days apart in our pregnancies. In September I lost my child and he swore to me that the other woman was not caring his child and he promised to do everything in his power to make our relationship work....On April 2 2013 the other whore had a little boy. I saw pictures online and immediately knew this was his child. On April 7th he received a call from Licking County children services informing him that Desiree told them he was the father and they were taking custody because the baby was born addicted to heroin and they were transporting him to Children’s Hospital to detox. This baby was in the hospital for 8 weeks detoxing from heroin. "- Read the Entire Story At!
Then it keeps getting worse.....
My husband met this whore, Beth Stewart, while working together as servers at a restaurant. We had only been married a few months, and had our first child a few weeks before the affair started. I was dealing with a bit of postpartum depression and our relationship suffered for it. My husband became withdrawn from me and our baby, often going out and drinking after work. I never suspected anything until one night he come home, picked a fight over something petty, and stormed out. I didn’t see or hear from him again until the next afternoon, when he came home to shower and get ready for work. I asked him where he was, and he told me he slept at his Aunt’s house. This was obviously a lie, and I later found out that this was the beginning of the affair.
He says that he went to a bar across the street from where he worked, to meet up with a few coworkers. She was there as well. For whatever reason, he began venting to her about our marriage and the stress of being a new father. I guess he had a few too many drinks, and she took his keys telling him he could sober up at her place. Slut. Once at her house, he says she helped him up the stairs, into her room, into her bed, and took off his shoes. One thing led to another, and well…you know.
The affair continued for about 2 months, with him lying about work hours to see her, neglecting both me and our child. In that short time, it turned into a full out emotional affair; dinners, hundreds of texts, buying her gifts, love letters etc. She even introduced him to her friend’s and family as her boyfriend. She would often tell him how much better she could take care of him than I could and got mad at him on the rare occasions he was actually home with his WIFE. At one point he brought me and our baby out to eat at the restaurant he worked at, on a night she was working (I insisted we go, before I learned of the affair) and he said she later asked how dare he bring me there and “play house” in her face like that. Yeah, she was something else. She became more and more jealous and controlling.
I caught on to everything after he flipped out on me for trying to use his phone on evening. Decided to check the phone records the next day, and confronted him with a printout of the same number appearing over and over. He admitted that it was a female he had been talking to, but said she was a customer who he waited on and denied anything happened besides the phone calls. I told him I didn’t buy that and that I would call the number myself and find out. That’s when he told me the whole truth, including that she was a coworker. He swore he would end it and I told him he was going to end it right then, in front of me. He was hesitant, but did so on speaker phone so that I could listen. She was quiet at first, and then asked him why. Said some other crap about giving her a chance to keep him happy…just being the pathetic, desperate slut that she is. He just said, “I’m sorry”, and hung up. He left for work a few hours after that, and never came home that night. The whore had requested that he spend one last night with her, saying she envied me because I was so pretty and she knew he wouldn’t leave me, but he owed her a proper goodbye for breaking her heart… and his dumbass agreed to it. This led to two more weeks of the affair. Of course I knew and lived in the nightmare while he “figured out what he wanted”. I told him to pack his shit and get out. He figured it out pretty quickly after that. He told the whore he was done. He quit his job and enlisted in the Military a few weeks later.
I kept his cell phone while he was away at basic. Late one night a text came through on his phone from the whore, telling him that she got into a huge fight with an ex and just wanted to vent to him since he (my husband) “understood being taken for granted”. I told her to fuck off. She told “him” to have a nice life with his bitch wife and the nasty little fucker I hatched. Although that last text reassured me that she obviously hadn’t had any contact with my husband since he quit the restaurant, her comment about our child caused even more problems in our marriage. I knew that she was a selfish, manipulative skank, but after she referred to an innocent child as a nasty fucker, I questioned what kind of person my husband really was for being interested in someone that disgusting. He seems 100% remorseful and ashamed at the whole situation, though. He’s glad he’s out of whatever sick trance he was in that led him to believe she was okay looking, and a decent person. He says her house was always gross and she was just a bitter, jealous person who enjoyed the sneaking and lies and deceit. Nasty bitch. - See the Pictures Go to
See what I'm saying Just RATCHET! They post pictures and full blown stories about their tumultuous relationships and the women they blame. Now they even have a male version of the site. Just waiting for people to add their content to. I'm not really shocked about the site because like I said I have seen this before. But what kills me is the content. Most, MOST people don't cheat for nothing. Most people have a need that is not being fulfilled, they've fallen out of love, they feel trapped and so on and so forth. There is always a reason for the madness. You can't just blame the problems of YOUR relationship on the pursuance of one woman. Cause I'm a put it to ya plain: If wasn't her, It would've been someone else. Nobody is so strong that they just steal your man. Yes a woman can be seductive and pour it on thick. But at the end of the day: The man has to accept the advances in order for them to engage in any sexual act. Your anger at SOME of these women isn't unfounded. Some of these women use the fact that these guys in are having hard times in their marriage or relationship to lure them away with shaky promises and good loving. But as I said the man as to accept the advances in order for her to do any damage.

These kinds of sites are good for the women who have problems they get to vent their frustration and anger instead of holding it inside. But because they post pictures and full government names it can be a recipe for disaster. Someone is not going to take it lightly and they are going to end up suing the site or something along those lines. These kinds of sites ruin peoples reputation. Who knows if these men and women are being truthful in their stories. Maybe they are just posting their truth and getting revenge on the person who scorned them. I have no clue. But what I do know is this: In every relationship you need to learn and take note of the mistakes you made. Most relationships end because of repeat offenders. We need to recognize our mistakes and fix them. Work on ourselves.

Do this before you just jump to conclusions in a relationship when someone has committed adultery:

1. What did I do to contribute to this relationship ending this way?
2. Did I really provide my partner with everything they needed emotionally, physically, mentally?
3.  Did I listen to them when they tried to talk to me? Did I acknowledge their pain?
4. How can I change so that I do not make the same mistakes again?

Don't get me wrong this is not always going to work and sometimes there is nothing to ease the pain or change about the way you handled your relationship. If you run through this and ask yourself these questions I'm sure you'll see that there were some flaws in this relationship that were bound to bubble to the surface. I'm not excusing the person who cheats behavior either but in order to not attract men and women who run instead of solve their problems you have to erase and or change the way you handle yourself in a relationship to attract a better quality mate for yourself that's all I'm saying. Now you can accept it or not but its the truth!

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