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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Loss of an Icon: Nelson Mandela Has Passed Away at 95. Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a public figure, activist, and the first Black president of South Africa. He has been portrayed over 13 times in Hollywood over the course of his life. The most recent portrayal of President Mandela was by famed actor Idris Elba in The Weinstein Co. biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, based on his 1995 autobiography. President Mandela had been suffering from a lung infection and was hospitalized for 3 months until he was discharged on September 1, 2013. President Mandela held on for quite some time but died Thursday at his home in Johannesburg.

He was a strong activist in eradicating apartheid, the racial segregation of South Africa. Sparking global interest in the racial struggle of the South African people. Public figures like Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, Peter Gabriel, Miles Davis, Joe Cocker, Sting, Phil Collins and Whitney Houston all threw their hats in the ring to help bring awareness to the growing problem of apartheid amongst the South African people. Mandela was instrumental in the struggle even after being arrested in 1962 for inciting a strike and was sent to prison for 5 years. 2 years after his imprisonment Mandela and 10 others were sentenced to Life in Prison. After a series of moving speeches and the arousal of the entire world protesting his oppression, Nelson Mandela was set free in 1990. He was later elected to office where he served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He served one term. Mandela decided to leave politics after that but remained a strong public figure all over the world. He was a true hero and proof that one person can make a difference.

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela. I hope you're smiling down in heaven right now. I found great quotes by Nelson Mandela. Its amazing that he was able to be strong enough to really forgive and fight for what he believed in. When you think about everything he went through just for the betterment of his country and people it makes the problems that we all complain about minuscule in comparison.  I really think these quotes will help everyone have different perspective on life. Check em out:

Source: HollywoodReporter