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Monday, December 9, 2013

CHEATERS BEWARE!!!!! Be Warned If You Propose to a Woman, Then Leave You Could Be Sued for $50,000

Melissa Cooper and Christopher Ned Kelley


Well Christopher Ned Kelley is probably single and DEAD ASS Broke! Mr. Kelley decided to break off a 10 year relationship with his fiancee Melissa Cooper after cheating on her for the majority of their relationship. She was devastated but she hit him where it hurts, his POCKET. She filed a lawsuit suing her ex-fiancee in a Georgia court and WON! 

Melissa Cooper and Christopher Ned Kelley became engaged on December 23, 2004. They had been living together since 2000 and Melissa was also the mother of his child. She left her job to become a stay-at-home mom, per Mr. Kelley's request (BTW: Why does it sound dirty to call him Mr. Kelley? LOL its just funny to me!). Shortly after the proposal Melissa finds out about Christopher's 2 year relationship with another woman that had begun 3 months before he proposed to her. They had a confrontation about it and he promised her he would never cheat again, he would end the relationship with his mistress, and he promised that they would get married for sure. Melissa took him back and for a short while all is well, until April of 2011. In April Melissa found out about another secret relationship with a different woman. This time Mr. Kelley decided to leave Melissa and even told her that she and the kids needed to move out. 

Melissa was fed up at that point. She went to a lawyer and filed a lawsuit in Coweta County Superior Court. She included fraud, breach of contract to marry, and other claims against Mr. Kelley. 

During the trial it was learned that inspite of Mr. Kelley's infidelities Melissa also cheated. Christopher Kelley's defense was simple, he claims he never actually said the words "Will you marry me?". Here's what some of the court filings state:
“I never initiated the concept of marriage with her, outside of giving her that ring,”
“We never had very many discussions around marriage. I personally never initiated any conversations around marriage,” 
Throughout the trial Kelley was asked about his infidelities 3 months before and after the supposed proposal and here's his answer:
“It's possible. Throughout our ten-year relationship, there will be very emotional times and you will do things that doesn’t necessarily represent, you know, the actuality of life,” he said in court, the document states.
Ultimately the judge ruled in Melissa Cooper's favor. The judge awarded her with $43,500 and $6,500 in attorney's fees. Christopher Kelley appealed the court's decision, claiming that his promise to marry was a part of meretricious relationship and therefore not enforceable ”
(BTW: If you're not familiar with the word meretricious here's a definition: apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity i.e. characteristic of a prostitute.) basically calling her a glorified hoe with benefits. Even with Mr. Kelley's appalling words and actions, the Appellate Court still upheld the decision of the original court.

Melissa Cooper's attorney was very vocal about the law and the states the need to re-enact common law marriage:
“By law the marriage doesn’t exist, but for practical purposes, it’s a marriage,” Smith said. “They were together for 10 years. They acquired property together.”
Melissa plans to purchase a home for herself and her two children with part of her settlement. Melissa has primary physical custody over their child and he pays her child support.

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Let me say this. To Christopher Kelley you underestimated your woman. Having been with her for 10 years you should've known this was coming. For you to treat that woman like she was nothing, OMG your an asshole to the 85th degree. Now you're out $50,000 and you gotta pay child support. I feel bad for your child. Then the part that killed me is when you and your attorney used "legalize" to call this woman a hoe. Seriously google the word meretricious. Its a nice way of they were just effing. Sad that a grown man has to resort to such tactics. Instead of just admitting he was wrong for how he treated her and how things went down, he defends himself with name calling and a play on words. "I never initiated the concept of marriage with her, outside of giving her that ring", Really? So she just assumed you were marrying her from out of thin air right? You never asked her about marriage, it never came up at all? In the last 10 years it never came up? Yeah, right. Sounds truly bogus. But on the flip side if that is true then you are not the only problem in this relationship Mr. Kelley. Your ex-partner Ms. Cooper is a fool (only if this was true now). 

To Melissa Cooper, let me ask you something: How can you be with a man for 10 years, have children and live together without being legally married? What is the point of being married if you are doing all the duties and responsibilities of a wife before you actually are a wife? My momma used say this to me all the time when I was dating before I met my husband: Honey, don't let yourself get played. Why should he make the payments if he's getting his milk for free? As long you keep giving it up to him thats the way its going to be. That means that there is a dynamic to a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. Here let me break it down: sometimes you get the sexual aspect, the companionship, the love, the attention, the friendship, on occasion your spouse may cook for you and or sleep over. Now where did I say live with for 10 years and procreate? 

I know what y'all are saying now: Tiffany you are wrong. Not everyone has a fairytale relationship where they get married before children and they have that white picket fence. That is not the real world. You need to move out of the 50s and get with the times." 

I know, I know and I understand but I'm trying to make a point. Okay here's what I'm saying: as a woman there are certain situations you should not stand for. You're a grown woman. You should demand more in your relationship. Commitment shouldn't stop at just moving in together. I see it like this if you can live in my house with me then you can marry me. I don't want it at the first day of the relationship. But come on after 5 years, marriage should be in the cards. You should both sit down and have a conversation if he doesn't want to get married and you do then you need to re-evaluate what you want and need from a relationship. And if he doesn't measure up to what you need and want for your future then you need to let them go. Stop settling, 

Rules to Live By When in a Relationship: 
Never settle for less. - This means never settle for something just because you a) are comfortable and don't want to start over b) you are afraid the next man will do the same thing or c) you feel you can't do better cause you can.
Never downgrade yourself for a man. (which is what this woman Melissa did) - This means don't take yourself down a notch to appease a man. If you were independent and working when you met, then why do you have to quit your job and be a housewife for him? And to top it all off your not even married and he required this? Hell NO! If you want to be housewife then fine but don't do it for your husband to appease his insecurities. Do it for you. 
Never ever ever ever make yourself a victim. - Understand that somethings are out of your control and can't be helped. Don't blame yourself for his cowardice. Be smart enough to understand that his cheating doesn't mean you're not good enough. This is more about your man and his ego. 

Now I know that not all situations can be applied to these rules, this is a generalization. More geared toward the relationship. You get what I'm saying. 

This man had more than an affair. He had a relationship for 2 years with another woman. There has to be something in your brain that clicks and says this isn't right. Then he turns around and does it again with a different woman. Are you really shocked? Are you really surprised? Cause I'm not. Now prior to this he supposedly proposed with a ring and everything. According to Christopher Kelley this was not a real engagement. And he kicks you out of the home you both have shared for years along with the child he shares with you. All for his second mistress. SMDH.

Moral of the Story: Be careful of who you spend your time with. Time is precious and everyone is worth not your time. Be picky about who you try to make a life with or fall in love with. People always say you can't help who you fall in love with, well thats not entirely true. I think you can help who you fall in love with. 

Source: StraightFromTheA