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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And So it Begins....Beyonce Drops Her New Album Beyonce and the Remakes and Covers Just FLOW LIKE WATER! Sigh...Fame is a Drug for Sure!

Well as her STANS and FANS call her Mother Beyonce (LMAO) has dropped her new album and the internet blew up with cries of salvation. YASSS Mother YASSS they cried as her new self titled album Beyonce was released under hush tones on December 13 at midnight.

I think the concept of the album was cool. She released what she called a Visual Album. Half music, half videos. The songs on the album seem to be captivating the world but its Beyonce, she could put out an album about rotten toe nail clippings and people would buy it. But I digress. As of right now I have only seen one video that was a remake or cover of one of Beyonce's songs on her album. A group of young ladies have put out a video on the mecca of the internet YouTube covering Beyonce's Yonce Video. I have a feeling this is just the beginning and soon Mother's children will be flooding the earth with cries of her songs. LOL I can't wait, let the Parodies, Covers, Remakes, and Video Compilations BEGIN DAHLING! Sing Children Sing! LOL

Every time I see a new video remaking, parodying, covering, or what have you I will be posting them under this blog so stay tuned for updates! But for now without further ado here is the first of them that I could find via AfricanoBoi's Facebook Page: