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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kim K Was Robbed in Paris! Held at Gun Point Fearing for Her Life...

Photo Credit: Kim K Instagram

Sunday night reports began to surface about Kim Kardashian West and her scary encounter with some robbers in Paris. Here's how it went down via CNN:

Kim was staying in an apartment in a private mansion. Her security guard Pascal was with her sisters while they were out clubbing. And her friend Simone was downstairs. Late that night five men entered the mansion and put a gun to the head of the concierge. They forced him to lead them to Kim's room. Only 2 of the robbers entered the room. One wearing a ski mask and the other dressed as a cop. Kim said she was startled by the sound of boots coming up the stairs. So said she grabbed her phone to call her security guard but she couldn't get the number dialed fast enough. They took the phone, put a gun to her head, tied up her hands and feet, then put her in the tub. She feared they would rape her but they were only after the $4 Million dollar ring she posted on her Instagram that Saturday. Kim feared for her saftey, begged and pleaded with the robbers. But it fell on deaf ears. The robbers then duct taped her mouth shut and grabbed her phones, the jewelry and got out of the apartment. The whole robbery took 6 minutes. By the time her security Pascal got back to the apartment the robbers were gone.

Photo Credit: TMZ via Kim K Instagram

Kim was shaken up by the ordeal and flew to New York immediately after the incident happened. Kanye even left a concert once he was informed of his wife's traumatizing experience. Her children Saint and North were not in paris with her. They were in New York. So by the grace of god everyone is safe and unharmed. Just down about 10 Million dollars in jewelry and 2 cell phones.

Now there are some conflicting stories out there: 1). CNN is reporting there were 5 men in the mansion but only 2 actually committed the robbery. However, TMZ and other media outlets are only reporting 2 robbers. 2). According to TMZ two of the robbers came into the room via the sliding glass door. But according to CNN, the concierge was forced to open the apartment door. 3). MSN is reporting it could've been the infamous Pink Panthers. a network of jewel thieves from the Balkan countries whose raids have targeted the most valuable gems on the planet. No other sites have speculated these jewel thieves. And many of the key figures in this network of thieves have been taken down by the police. And the french police don't believe they are involved. 4). MSN is also reporting that she freed herself. But no other outlets that I have found are reporting that account. 5). MSN is also reporting that her stylist was there in a room down the hall along with her friend Simone who was in the downstairs of the apartment. However in many other blogs and reports the only other person in the apartment besides the robbers and the conceirge was Kim's friend Simone.

Many people are skeptical of the robbery. They claim its either a publicity stunt, the story is being exaggerated or it was an inside job. Its a dicey situation. Im just glad she's okay and her family is safe. If this is real, this is a scary situation and now she has to be more cautious about what she posts online, who she shares information with, and how much of herself she exposes. Its crazy. She posts frequently and its everything from her children to her clothes to where's shes eating. People are not stable and this world is not safe. Being cautious is the smartest thing you could do as celebrity. Kim could have been killed. This is just a frightening situation and if this is real I hope an overhaul of her security team is done and she should always be with at least 2 body guards who are armed and ready to protect at all costs.

Fox News did a whole piece on this robbery and its legitmacy. They asked a cop, a former DEA agent and a private investigator to give their take on the details reported and if it was real or not. The questions being asked can be easily answered, well some of them can.

Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco had some questions about the robbery:
How did Kim free herself? Or who found Kardashian in the hotel room or bathroom?
MY GUESS: I thought maybe her friend Simone freed her or her security guard once he got there. But according to People, they put plastic ties around her wrists but she managed to squeeze her hands out of the wrist ties by wriggling her hands.

Where was her security and hotel security personnel or hotel security cameras?
MY GUESS: Hmm...good question her security was with her sisters. They were at the club while Kim decided to go to her apartment. However why wouldn't a swanky, posh, HIGH END hotel not have its own security or security cameras? Knowing that high profile celebrity guests stay there often? Great question but I have no answer for that.

Former DEA agent and trial expert Michael Levine was sure it was a hoax. He says if the French police have figured that out by now they won't say anything because they have enough problems.

An NYPD detective also thinks it was a hoax. But says if it isn't the robbers knew Kim was going to be staying there and cased the joint to find the perfect moment to strike. However he says Kim has a massive security detail and they are just blowing this story up for publicity. He then insinuated that the new season of Keep Up With the Kardashians premieres October 23rd.


There are a lot of questions being asked about the legitmacy of this story. Im chosing this time to trust that this is real and this woman has been through a traumatic experience. However if this is a publicity stunt....chile you could've done anything, ANYTHING BUT THIS!

Sources: FoxNews, TMZ, CNN, and MSN