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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chris Brown Coming to Reality TV?! Sources Say its a Strong Possiblity!

Chris Brown has been in the media on a negative note ever since 2009. He's been targeted, banned, and chastised for his rebel behavior and heavy partying. But recently Chris' actions caught up with him and he was sent to jail for violating his parole. Chris was in jail for several months on a probation violation and reportedly it was the worst experience of his life and he vows to never ever return to jail again!

Well if you didn't know this guy you would say to yourself "Hmm this would be a awesome reality show!" And you wouldn't be the only one saying these things. Chris Brown has built multi-million dollar brand but, his messy personal life is highly marketable on reality TV.

TMZ is reporting that multiple (all cable I imagine) networks are vying for the Chris Brown reality show. A show that chronicles his life, struggles with sobriety, his possible jail time and his music career. Who are these networks well BET is the major front runner for the show. They are chomping at the bit to get the bid. They've got production companies set, ready to produce the show and they have even gone so far as to hold focus groups to see if people would really want to see a Chris Brown reality show. This focus group consisted of all African American females between the ages of 18 to 25.

As far the world knows Chris hasn't signed up for the idea nor denied it. But I doubt he will go through with this. Reality TV is for people who are at the tail end of their careers looking to start over or they have no career and are building one off of reality TV. Case in point: Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop: NY & ATL, Real World, Teen Mom, etc. I could go on and on. Chris Brown's career is far from over. This dude was in jail and his song Loyal peaked! He didn't have to be around for his music to go global. His staying power is withstanding everything. RealTalk: this is unwanted attention and added drama that is not necessary. He's got a enough to deal with beyond worrying about a camera following him around.

I don't think this is a good idea. The media never cares for the people they report on or hear about. Chris is at a point where one decision can make or break his career and his life. He's fragile and vulnerable and instead of seeing dollar signs when he walks into a room or on social media think of him as he is: A REAL PERSON instead of an object to make money off of.

I really think this project needs to be killed then buried. At least until after his trial. But from what I hear BET is trying to get started as soon as possible. They want to capture everything. SMDH BET you are some vultures and any other network that is considering this entertaining, you are too. You will sell your soul and anyone involved for ratings and money. That is so so so sad. I hope this project never gets off the ground. And in that order, in my Momma Dee voice!

Update: Chris Brown has responded to the prospects of a show with this statement: "Sorry BET, Reality TV isn't my style."

THANK GOODNESS for that! Chris you my boy! I knew you wouldn't let me down! So BACK OFF BET! ITS NOT GOING DOWN!

Sources: TMZ and MadameNoire